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Danger, Will Robinson

“Danger, Will Robinson!” is an English catch phrase that is derived from the quintessentially classic 1960s American television series Lost in Space. The phrase truly exemplifies the dichotomous relationship between two of its regular characters, the Robot and Will Robinson over the course of several episodes of that series. The autonomous (and anonymous) robot adopts a protective attitude toward Will, and alerts him thus to dangerous situations, expecting Will to take immediate action to protect himself. The robot cannot do everything, even though its sensors are amazingly sensitive:
“Warning! Warning! Alien spacecraft approaching," he exclaims, flailing his hooks wildly!

In hacker culture and in English-speaking society, this catch phrase currently serves as a facetious method to inform an associate that they are about to make an imbecilic mistake—that there’s a factor he or she overlooked which ought to be taken into account.

When given in person, the vocal klaxon is more-often-than-not accompanied by a brief and careful oscillation of one’s arms to and fro and up and down, parodying the body language of the original chrome-plated character.

Despite the popularity of the phrase in everyday culture, it was only said once on the show. This was during episode 11 of season 3 "The Deadliest of the Species". The Robot gave warnings intermittently to Will and the other crew members of the Jupiter 2, in the form of the expressions "Warning!" and "Danger!".


From the television series The West Wing, episode 1 of season 4, entitled ‘Twenty Hours in America’:

  • Kiki: “How many unborn babies did you guys kill today?”
  • Josh: “Whoa. Hey, danger, Will Robinson.”

In a MythBusters Episode, Grant Imahara wears some pieces of metal and jokes to camera:

  • Danger Will Robinson, Danger!!

In season 1 of the television show CSI, in episode 'Fahrenheit 932,' CSI Gil Grissom is conducting an experiment and warns his colleague Sara Sidle to step back. She does so, but when a third member of the team, Warrick Brown walks up to Grissom, Sara quips, "Danger, Will Robinson."

At the end of the Nerve episode of the Farscape series, John Crichton collapses on the floor, and says: "Danger, Will Robinson, beware the chair... beware the chair."

In the eighth episode of the second season of the television show Gilmore Girls, when Rory Gilmore tells her grandmother that she is ready to do anything to make her grandfather happy , Lorelai Gilmore says, "Danger, Will Robinson, danger!".

On the Live compilation of Frank Zappa's "You can't do that on stage anymore - Volume 3", at the end of the song "In France" - to make the entrance for the next song - "Drowning witch", Ike Willis says "Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!", this phrase makes the perfect liaison between these two complete different songs. The recording was made in Chicago, at the Bismark Hotel on November 23 in 1984.

In the NZ reality TV programme based around the 1791 Diamonds Ltd, online jeweller, Danger Will Robinson, is the phrase the technical director uses to refer to the marketing manager's projects.

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