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Deep Six (album)

The Deep Six compilation was released March 1986 (catalog# CZ001). It was the very first release by C/Z Records, a few months before the release of "Sub Pop 100" from Sub Pop Records. It was also arguably the first record to influence the later "Seattle sound" that would be known worldwide as grunge. The album was reissued as a joint C/Z Records/A&M Records release on April 6 1994 (catalog # 6971 2400 2)

Track listing

  1. Green River - 10,000 Things
  2. The Melvins - Scared
  3. The Melvins - Blessing the Operation
  4. Malfunkshun - With Yo' Heart (Not Yo' Hands)
  5. Skin Yard - Throb
  6. Soundgarden - Heretic
  7. Soundgarden - Tears to Forget
  8. Malfunkshun - Stars-N-You
  9. The Melvins - Grinding Process
  10. The Melvins - She Waits
  11. Skin Yard - The Birds
  12. Soundgarden - All Your Lies
  13. Green River - Your Own Best Friend
  14. The U-Men - They

An alternative version of Soundgarden's "Heretic" appears on the soundtrack for the 1990 film Pump Up the Volume, as well as on the Soundgarden EP Loudest Love; a re-recorded version of Soundgarden's "All Your Lies" (with new drummer Matt Cameron) appears on their album Ultramega OK, while a re-recorded version of "Tears to Forget" (with Cameron) appears on their EP Screaming Life. Alternative versions of The Melvins' "Blessing the Operation" and "Grinding Process" appear on 26 Songs.


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