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Rolie Polie Olie

Rolie Polie Olie is a CGI television cartoon based on the books by William Joyce (the creator of George Shrinks) and produced by Nelvana. The cartoon centers on a robotic family in Polieville. The characters include Olie, his father, his mother, his sister Zowie, and their pet dog Spot. Rolie Polie Olie is the first completely computer generated 3-D animated TV series for preschoolers.

The television series was produced by Sparx*, Metal Hurlant Productions, WJ Cartoons, Inc., and Nelvana for The Disney Channel. Original episodes ran from 1998 to 2004; two direct-to-DVD movies, The Great Defender of Fun and The Baby-Bot Chase, followed. The original episodes were rerun on The Disney Channel until 2006. In Canada, the episodes continue to be run on Treehouse TV.

William Joyce was striving for an idealized 1950s suburban-style world, being heavily influenced by early Mickey Mouse cartoons and shows such as Leave it to Beaver and The Andy Griffith Show. Space travel based on Star Trek or Star Wars is also shown. In Olie's world, normally inanimate objects have a life of their own. This is based on Joyce's childhood, when he would perceive everything as having a life of its own. He took that idea and exaggerated it, until even mundane objects like knives and forks are alive and can move about.

The Polie family lives in a teapot-shaped house, which is also alive and sentient, and, like many of the other objects in Olie's world, anthropomorphic. The family consists of round-shaped robots who live next door to a family of square-shaped robots.

Rolie Polie Olie won a Gemini Award in Canada for "Best Animated Program" in 1999. The show also won a Daytime Emmy Award for "Outstanding Special Class Animated Program" in 1999 and 2000. William Joyce won a 1999 Daytime Emmy for Best Production Design for this series.


The following a partial list of starring and recurring characters.

Olie Polie - A round-shaped robot boy on which the story revolves. He is very friendly, inquisitive, and loves his family and friends. He often wishes that he was an adult, and is a very typical kid.

Zowie Polie - Olie's younger sister. Very inquisitive (in one episode she annoyed her parents by asking "Why?" about everything imaginable) and loud, she is probably a toddler. She loves her brother Olie and enjoys emulating him, sometimes to Olie's chagrin.

Spot - Olie's faithful dog. So named because he left a "spot" on the carpet as a puppy. (Noted in the episode where zowie kept asking "why?")

Pappy Polie - Olie's grandfather. He runs a farm by himself and is best-known for his unruly dentures.

Aunt Poliana - Olie's Grandfather's sister. She returns from her trip though space after being tossed off of Pappy's boat and lost in space for a few years.

Mrs. Polie - Olie's mother. Somewhat ditzy and resembles Olive Oyl to a degree.

Percey Polie - Olie's father and Bing Crosby sound-alike. He is an inventor, similar to G2 Droid from Star Tours, whose various inventions frequently get him and the familiy into trouble.

Uncle Gizmo Polie - An Elvis Presley look- and sound-alike, he is Percy's brother and Olie's and Zowie's uncle. The two have a generally close relationship but occasionally engage in sibling rivalry.

Billy Bevell - A square shaped boy who lives next door and is best friends with Olie. Is originally from the planet Cuby.

Baxter Bevell - Billy's dad, he wears glasses and talks like a beatnik. He also has a surprisingly deep laugh considering his voice is somewhat high-pitched.

Bonita Jaquita Bevell - Billy's mom. Is an accomplished dancer and acts similar to her husband.

Binky Bevell - Billy's younger brother, who is a little baby. His head spins when his belly button is pressed in.

Space Boy - A super-hero and star of Olie's favorite TV show. Along with his companion Space Dog, he frequently saves the universe from various threats on his show, and occasionally appears to help Olie out. He and Space Dog resemble Olie and Spot themselves.

Klinky Klaus - The show's equivalent of Santa Claus, he lives on his own planet, Chillsville.

Big Gene Little Green and Little Gene Little Green - Two very tiny aliens from the Little Green Planet who accidentally crash-land on Polieville and befriend Olie and his family. They reappear when Olie and Percy visit their planet, only to find it much too small for their comfort.

Mrs. Triangle - the town's teacher.

Pollie Pie - A female classmate of Olie and Billy, with red hair and a triangle-shaped body (albeit with a round head).

Screwy - A new kid in town, specifically being a lugnut. In his early appearances he acts as a bully towards Olie and friends; in one episode, Olie is actually driven to punch him. However, Screwy quickly becomes a member of the gang.

Chunk Squarey - A pop musician, who like the Bevells is from Cuby. His dance, the Twirl, is a major hit around the galaxy. He is apparently friends with the Bevells and befriends the Polies as well.

Wheely - An older kid with a wheel instead of legs, he is very athletic and acts as a sort of mentor towards Olie and Billy.

Gloomius Maximus - An evil space pirate that extracts fun from the galaxy, this was all changed when Zowie got his "happy gear" going again.

List of episodes

Season 1 (1998)

  1. Little Sister, Big Brother / Through Trick and Thin / Bedlam (Aired: October,4,1998)
  2. Ciminin Toast / I Find Rock / Tooth on the Loose (Aired: October,11,1998)
  3. Nap For Spot / Monster Movie Night / Top Dog Fish (Aired: Ocotber,18,1998)
  4. House Detectives / The Backyard Jungle / The Best Doggone Show in the World (Aired: October,25,1998)
  5. Mutiny on the Bouncy / Roll the Camera / Pappy's Boat (Aired: November,1,1998)
  6. Where's Pappy / Hopin' and a Hoppin' / Just Like Dad (Aired: November,8,1998)
  7. Spot's Birthday / Sir Rolie Polie Oily / Universal Spot (November,15,1998)
  8. Squaresville / Zowie's Harmonica / Unruly Polie Olie (Aired:November,22,1998)
  9. Rolie Polie Pogo / Two Not So Easy Pieces / Gotta Dance (Aired: November,29,1998)
  10. Pappy Days / Copy Cat 'n Mouse / The Bump (Aired: December,6,1998)
  11. Zowie Got Game / Hickety Ups / Chili's Cold (Aired: December,13,1998)
  12. Our Two Dads / What to Be / Magno-Man (Aired:December,20,1998)
  13. Scavenger Hunt / What's Up Jack? / Grown Ups 'n Kids (Aired: December,27,1998)

Season 2 (1999-2000)

  1. Mom's Night Out / Polie Pox / Da Plane Da Plane
  2. Surrrprise / Mouse Trap / To Space And Beyond
  3. Go Fish / Roller Derby / A Birthday Present for Mom
  4. Little Souped Coup-y / Rain, Rain Go Away / Beach Blanket Gizmo
  5. Y-2 Pappy / Upside Downers / Cutie Go Bye-Bye
  6. Olie's Note / Baby Binky / A Record Bustin' Day
  7. Where Oh Where Did Olie Go / Gone Dog-Gone Dog / A Chip Off the Young Orb
  8. Looove Bug / Seven Minutes and Counting / Olies New Suit
  9. Mission Invisible / Muscle Bots / Hypno-Eyes
  10. Little Bot Zoo / Zowie Soupy Hero / Coupy Won't Fit
  11. Zowie Do, Olie Too / Dicey Situation / Square Plane in a Round Hole

Season 3 (2000-2001)

  1. Home Sick / Leaf Me Alone / Round and Round and Square We Go
  2. Throw it in Gear / A Tooth for a Tooth / Polie Collectables
  3. Doggy Day Afternoon / Visibly Invisible / Itty Bitty Baby Starry
  4. Baby Talk / Putting on the Dog / Whistlin' Zowie
  5. Square Roots / 1 Olie, 2 Olie, 3 Olie, 4 / Switcheroo
  6. Cool It / Polie Pests / Camp Out
  7. Rewind / Who's the Bestest of Them All / But Why?
  8. Giz-Nesia / 1001 GeArabian Nights / Showdown at the Ol' Polie Corral
  9. Let's Make History / Adventures of Space Dads / Silly Willy Day
  10. Detective Polie's Cookie Caper / The Lie / Guess It's Nite Nite
  11. When Zowie All Growed Up / Scrub-a-Dub-Dubby, A Spot in the Tubby / Hide and Go
  12. Just Putting Around / Soupy Zowie and the Bogie Bot / No Hugs Please
  13. Family Portrait / Show and Tell / Little Helping Hand

Season 4 (2001-2002)

  1. Pretend Friend / Beddy Day for Daddy / Chunk Squarey
  2. We Scream for Ice Cream / Pomps Up / Anchor Away
  3. Guys and Dollies / Dinglie Danglie Doodle / Dancin' Machines
  4. Bubble Trouble / Calling All Space Boys / Binky Break
  5. Who's the Worstest / Puzzle Peace / Robo Rangers
  6. Rust In Space / All Wound Up / Soap-bot Derby
  7. Treasure of the Rolie Polie Madre / Lost and Found / Zowie's Petals
  8. Day for Night / Zowie Cycle / Mighty Olie
  9. Space Telly / Ultra Good Space Heros / It's a Roundi-ful Life
  10. Cheery Spherey Day / Diary Daze / Rock-a-bye Billie
  11. Housey Wake up / Blue Coupey / YesTHANKYOUPlease
  12. Wheelie / Clippy Clop / Doofy Looking Olie
  13. Song of the Blue Fish / Lady Bug Lady Bug Fly Away Home / Bevel Beddie Bye

Season 5 (2002-2004)

  1. A Little Hero / Binky's Birthday / Hiding in Plain Sight
  2. Making the Best of It / Superest Bot of Them All / Oh Olie, Olie It's a Wired Wo
  3. Dino Bots / A Couple of Good Sports / Pappy's Pals
  4. Bots Will Be Boys / Screwy / Good Princess Zowie
  5. Madame Bot-erfly / Boxing Day / It's Just Not Fair
  6. Dare Ya! / Round Beard's Ghost / Screwy Day
  7. Ten Foot Olie / The Big Drip / Invasion of the Ticklers!
  8. Blast From The Past / Gone Screwy / Mother Giz


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