Decorate. Decorate.

Decorate. Decorate. is a six-piece indie rock band based in Copenhagen, Denmark, which appeared on the alternative rock scene in 2007. With the demo single Surname of Copenhagen the band reached the top of the charts at Det elektriske barometer (The Electric Barometer) - a very popular Danish National Radio alternative chart, ahead of recognized bands such as Moi Caprice and Sterling.


In early 2006 the band began the rehearsals and recording to produce a debut EP. In August 2006 their first concerts are took place at Lades Kælder and Stengade 30. In May 2007 the band released its debut EP named Normandie which imediately captured the attention of the local media . The single Karen was in heavy broadcasted on the National Danish Radio (P3), where the editor of the programme Public Søndag (Public Sunday) noticed the captivating sound of the band and called the record album of the month.

In 2007 the band had several gigs including the apperance at the Roskilde Festival. Several TV spots followed on MTV and Danish National Television where the second single music video Surname of Copenhagen was presented to the viewers.

Currently, the band is preparing the debut full-length album.



Studio Albums

  • 2009 - TBA

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