Still to this day, the notion of death is inherently difficult to quantify. It is a concept that has vehemently amplified the instinctive human desire to address the question of existential ambiguity. Throughout recorded history, humans were always fascinated by death and whether there is an afterlife.

Different cultures across the world perceive the concept of death in variant ways. For example, a central aspect to the Hindi religion is reincarnation. This holds that death is not the end, but merely just another beginning. A wide variety of worldwide religions assert an afterlife. For example, Christianity and Islam promise eternal paradise for those who live virtuous lives and follow in the path of God. In a similar manner, some religions also assert a place of eternal torment for those who lead sinful and wicked lives. It is in this sense that morality plays an integral part in the human perception of death and the afterlife.

Philosophers and logicians sometimes take a more objective analysis of this phenomenon. If one is alive, then they exist. In this sense, death is merely non-existence. While it is correct to say that all organisms are inherently programmed to act in their best interest for the purposes of securing their own survival, it seems as though the desire to pass on one's genetic information surmounts the will to survive at times. For instance, when a mother deer is willing to sacrifice her own life to ensure the survival of her offspring.

It is interesting to note how paradigms change in an era where death is a persistent element of everyday life. A great example of this comes from the time of the Bubonic Plague. An enormous percentage of the world's population perished due to this pandemic that the artwork for years to follow had a very macabre element. Death was embraced as an inevitability by the European population during this time period.

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