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Dead Man's Hill

Dead Man's Hill is an electronic, death industrial, martial, neo-classical and post-industrial band founded in 1998 by Bart Piette, originally with the name "The Klinik And The Mortuary". The name was changed because of possible confusion with existing bands The Klinik and The Mortuary.


  • Descend au Tombeau (CDr, 2005)
  • Legion (CDr, 2005)
  • We Will Live For Eternity (CDr, 2005)
  • Esoterica Orde De Dagon (CDr, 2005)
  • Pimentola / Dead Man's Hill split disc (CDr, 2005)
  • Lakes of Sacrifice (CD, 2006)
  • Lakes of Sacrifice (Bonus disc) (CDr, 2006, limited 50 copies)
  • The Demons of Death (CDr, 2006)
  • Dog Burial (CD, 2007)

Side projects

  • Clophill
  • Alle Sagen Ja
  • IM4N (Industrial Masturbation For Neandertal)
  • Experiments in Darkness

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