dead loss

The Dead Detective

The Dead Detective is a series of supernatural crime novels aimed at young adults, by American author Felix Bogarte.


The stories focus on Hank Cane, a once great detective who, following his death while on a case, is accused by the Court of Ghouls of solving the murders brought to him throughout his career by fraudulent means. So, as penance, he's resurrected in the present day as a skeleton, and forced into solving crimes the 'honest way'. Even worse, he finds himself stuck with obnoxious 12-year old Charlie Christian as his sidekick. For the purposes of interviewing suspects without betraying his deceased status, the Ghoul's also give him a potion that puts flesh on his bones for certain amounts of time.


  • Dead and Unburied
  • Dead Loss
  • The Corpse that Sang
  • Throw Away the Key
  • Ghost Car 49
  • Six Feet Under

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