dead broke

I'm Dead Broke

"I'm Dead Broke" is an episode from the seventh season of the MTV series True Life features three individuals in the United States struggling with money.

Alexa (West Plains, Missouri), an 18-year-old high school dropout who moved away from home in Indiana. She worked at a restaurant for roughly $25 a night in an attempt to buy a car and go back to high school. She lived with coworkers for free and slept where she could. $168 of her money was stolen when she left her wallet at home, and she was later robbed again, this time taking the remainder of her $417. She had planned on purchasing a blue Cavalier once she had $500.

Alexa admits to smoking pot and lost her job after dropping a joint in front of her boss while hanging out at the restaurant on her day off. She later lost a poorer-paying job at a fast food restaurant when she did not show up for her shift, and she was ultimately forced to move back home with her parents and try to put her life back together.

Sandra (Oakland, California) 22, and her boyfriend Armaan, lived in California. They lived in a home and were forced to move out within a week. Her mother had kicked her out and refused to let her move back in because of her boyfriend. However things look up in the end as the couple get their own apartment and Sandra gets a much better-paying job at a coffee shop.

DeMarlon, (Illinois) 21, lives with his family and is hampered by his criminal history. He had plans to join the army, but due to his being on probation, he was not able to take the required testing. In danger of being late to his parole hearing, his father and he attempted to walk the 19 miles, but were later picked up by a family friend. His family was evicted from their rundown home but found a new place to live. DeMarlon found out he would have to wait two years before he would be old enough to join the Army. A fund was started to allow viewers he touched with his story to donate money:

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