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The Garage Tape Dayz 78-81

The Garage Tape Dayz 78-81 is a compilation album of Mickey Ratt demos recorded between 1978 and 1981. Soon after the recording of these demos, the band shortened it's name to Ratt.

Several Mickey Ratt members went on to the band Rough Cutt, including guitarist Jake E. Lee, who later became famous for playing with Ozzy Osbourne, and also very briefly played with Dio (between the time he played with Rough Cutt and Ozzy Osbourne) and played with the American band Badlands, not to be confused with the band of the same name from the UK.

The song "City To City" is NOT the same song as the song of the same name on Ratt's Reach For The Sky.

Track listing

  1. Ratt Madness
  2. Railbreak
  3. Out Of The Cellar
  4. Bad Dogs
  5. Terror On The Midway
  6. Top Secret
  7. Drivin' On E
  8. Dr. Rock
  9. Magnetic Telescopes
  10. City To City


  • Stephen Pearcy: Lead Vocals on all songs, Lead Guitar on 5, Rhythm Guitar on 1-4, 7-10
  • Chris Hager: Guitar on 1-5, 7-10
  • Jake E. Lee: Lead Guitar on 6
  • Dave De Ellis: Rhythm Guitar on 6
  • Tim Garcia: Bass 1-5, 7-9
  • Matt Thorr: Bass on 6
  • Dave Jellison: Bass on 10
  • Bob Eisenberg: Drums on 1-3, 5, 9
  • John Turner: Drums on 4, 7-8, 10
  • Dave Alford: Drums on 6
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