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Eternity's Child

Eternity's Child (previously known as Angel's Eternity) is a side-scrolling platform game based on a fairy tale created by Luc Bernard. The game is to be published by British retro games publisher Alten8, for Wii via WiiWare sometime in 2008. It was released by Luc Bernard and Silver Sphere Studios on Steam July 31, 2008. The Wii version is yet to be released, as Alten8 are re-working the code for the Nintendo platform.


The gameplay involves the player controlling two characters simultaneously. In the Wii version, one will be controlled with the analogue stick of the Nunchuk and the other with the pointer function of the Wii Remote.

Game modification

Eternity's Child comes with a level editor. This and the combination of editable source material means that the game can be remade and/or edited by anyone who owns the game.


Eternity's Child was initially developed for Xbox Live Arcade, and was one of the first games to be made with the XNA toolset. On September 9, 2007, it was revealed that it was changed to a retail Nintendo DS title as well as a downloadable WiiWare title. However, Bernard later confirmed that the Nintendo DS version has been canceled, while also announcing that the game will come to PCs via Steam. Bernard is also considering releasing the game on the PlayStation 3 through the PlayStation Store, though he insists the WiiWare version will still be the best iteration of the game because of the platform specific controls.

Because of the move to the Wii, the gameplay style of the XNA version has been changed in favor of one that takes advantage of the Wii Remote. Alten8 are porting the original code, and adapting the game to Nintendo's standards for the Wii version, and hope that previous errors can be resolved.


Gametunnel gave Eternity's Child a score of 6.3/10. Russ Carroll said "it certainly isn't the disaster it is made out to be", but "it feels like it is brushing up against greatness".

Eternity's Child was panned by gaming site Destructoid for "flawed design," "horrible animation," and "broken controls. In reviewing the game, which he gave a 1/10, Anthony Burch went so far as to say that it was "the worst game I've played in several years."

Bernard responded to the review, calling it "highly unprofessional", and defended the title by stating that Destructoid did not play the patched version. Bernard has drawn criticism after he decided to remove the Destructoid robot from the game in response to the review.

The game was also panned by Mike Fahey of Kotaku for its "story, or lack thereof", two-character mechanic, poor AI, and somewhat chaotic level design. However, he also noted that its visual style and music are appealing, and that the included level editor was also an extra bonus, and stated that the game "does have a lot to offer for $5". He concluded that the game is "still very much a work in progress".

The game received a 3/5 by They mention that "Eternity's Child shows a lot of promise, but numerous small mistakes and some frustrating level design spoils what is otherwise an enjoyable game." The game was reviewed with the 1.02 patch and they mention that Eternity's Child is a difficult game to judge. But overall "If you enjoy 2D platformers and are willing to tolerate some extremely difficult levels and slightly loose controls, it's worth picking up."

Luc Bernard stated that he will not work on any game besides Eternity's Child due to stress from the game's negative reception and financial struggles.


A sequel titled Eternity's Child 2: Retro Child has been announced.

Other versions

Eternity's Child: The Lost Chapter

A cancelled mobile version of Eternity's Child was released for free. The game contains five stages and three difficulty levels.


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