de fining moment

Masters of Chant Chapter II

Masters of Chant Chapter II is the third album by Gregorian.

Track listing

  1. "Moment of Peace" (with Sarah Brightman) (Amelia Brightman, Carsten Heusmann)
  2. "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" (Ewan MacColl) (original by Roberta Flack)
  3. "In the Air Tonight" (Phil Collins) (original by Phil Collins)
  4. "Bonny Portmore" (Celtic traditional)
  5. "Hymn" (John Lees) (original by Barclay James Harvest)
  6. "Child in Time" (Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Jon Lord, Ian Paice) (original by Deep Purple)
  7. "Everybody Gotta Learn Sometimes" (James Warren) (original by The Korgis)
  8. "Wish You Were Here" (David Gilmour, Roger Waters) (original by Pink Floyd)
  9. "Lady d'Arbanville" (Cat Stevens) (original by Cat Stevens)
  10. "Heaven Can Wait" (Jim Steinman) (original by Meat Loaf)
  11. "Babylon" (Psalm)
  12. "Stairway to Heaven" (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) (original by Led Zeppelin)

French and Belgian bonus tracks

  1. "Voyage Voyage" (Dominique Dubois, J. Michael Rivat) (original by Desireless)
  2. "Rêver" (Laurent Boutonnat, Mylène Farmer) (original by Mylène Farmer)
  3. "Instant de Paix (Moment of Peace)"

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