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Has it Dawned on You?

Has it Dawned on You? is a 1975 sampler album issued by the Dawn record label. Representing the label's diverse roster of artists, from

bizarre stylists like Kilburn and The High Roads ... soft harmonising Prelude and down-to-earth rockers Stray
the album was to be the last sampler that Dawn, always an eclectic label, would issue.

Track listing

Side One

  1. "Future Legends" (Vincent McCusker) - Fruupp (from the album DNLS 3052 "Future Legends")
  2. "For the People" (Bromham, Cole, Giles, Oliver) - Stray (from the album DNLS 3066 "Stand Up and Be Counted")
  3. "Rough Kids" (Dury, Hardy) - Kilburn and The High Roads (from the album DNLS 3054 "Handsome")
  4. "Railroad Mama" (B. J. Friel) - Brian Joseph Friel (from the album DNLS 3054 "Brian Joseph Friel")
  5. "After the Goldrush" (Neil Young) - Prelude (from the album DNLS 3052 "How Long is Forever?")
  6. "Leave the Bottle on the Floor" (McWilliams) - David McWilliams (from the album DNLS 3047 "The Beggar and the Priest")
  7. "Wild Love" (J. Strange) - Mungo Jerry (from the album DNLS 3501 "Long Legged Woman")
  8. "Upminster Kid" (Dury, Hardy) - Kilburn and The High Roads (from the album DNLS 3054 "Handsome")

Side Two

  1. "Prince of Heaven" (Fruupp) - Fruupp (from the single DNS 1087)
  2. "Home is Where I Belong" (P. Davies) - Quicksand (from the Album DNLS 3056 "Home is Where I Belong"
  3. "Rock Dreams" (Hume, Vardy) - Prelude (from the Album DNLS 3061 "Dutch Courage")
  4. "Ricochet" (J. Jones) - Jonesy (from the Album DNLS 3042 "No Alternative")
  5. "Peter" (Gravytrain) - Gravytrain (from the Album DNLS 3046 "Second Birth")
  6. "Growing Stronger" (Friel, Clifford, London) - Brian Joseph Friel (from the Album DNLS 3064 "Arriverderci Ardrossan")
  7. "Starbright Starlight" (Barrett) - Gravytrain (from the Album DNLH1 "Staircase to the Day")
  8. "Precious Love" (Bromham) - Stray (from the Album "Stand Up and Be Counted")


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