Davis Mountains

Davis Mountains

Davis Mountains, W Tex., SE of El Paso. Old Baldy, 8,382 ft (2,555 m), is the highest peak. Forested slopes, springs, and deep canyons attract tourists. On the summit of Mt. Locke, 6,791 ft (2,070 m) high, is the Univ. of Texas McDonald Observatory (est. 1939), with a 107-in. (272-cm) reflector telescope. Fort Davis, est. 1854 as a border outpost, is a national historic site (see National Parks and Monuments, table).
The Davis Mountains are a range of mountains in West Texas, located near Fort Davis, after which they are named. They are a popular site for camping and hiking. There is also a resort, called the Indian Lodge, where people can stay instead of in a tent. This is located in the Davis Mountains State Park.

Recently, the Nature Conservancy has acquired 32,000 acres (130 km²), along with conservation easements on 33,830 acres (136.9 km²) more. This parcel is open to the public at specified times. The highest peak in the Davis Mountains is Mount Livermore at 8,382 feet, this is the fourth highest peak in Texas. (http://www.cdri.org/Discovery/News.html)

The McDonald Observatory is located on Mount Locke. It is accessed by Texas State Highway 118 which is the highest state maintained road in Texas at 6,791 feet. http://www.dot.state.tx.us/about_us/trivia.htm

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