datastorm technologies, inc

Datastorm Technologies, Inc.

Datastorm was a computer software company that existed from 1986 until 1996. The company was founded by Bruce Barkelew and Thomas Smith. Datastorm and their software, ProComm, was prominent in a pre-TCP/IP world where computer to computer modem connections were common. DataStorm is one of the first companies to grow from a shareware model to a large retail company. ProComm 2.4.3 for DOS is still available as shareware today.


After the death of Andrew Fluegelman, creator of PC-Talk, a gap was left in the marketplace for dial-up and terminal emulation software. Bruce Barkelew and Tom Smith, students at the University of Missouri, created ProComm under the name PIL Software Systems as shareware in 1985 and incorporated in 1986 as Datastorm Technologies Inc. It was distributed through various BBSs.

Datastorm chose Columbia, MO to open their company due to the relatively low cost of living. Datastorm had no seed capital, but by 1992 they were ranked #376 in the Inc. 500. The company produced a combination 16/32-bit Windows version, Procomm Plus for Windows, which included an early Web browser as a component. Procomm Plus for Windows also offered support for the RIP graphic terminal language, allowing higher-resolution images than the ANSI standard in general use by bulletin board systems at the time.

In 1995, Datastorm sued Excalibur Communications over software infringement. Datastorm became the first company to sue a vendor for infringement of its software using the shareware model.

Datastorm was acquired by Quarterdeck in 1996 at a cost of over $70 million. Quarterdeck was later purchased by Symantec, and support of Procomm has been discontinued, although the software is still available for purchase.




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