dataless management services

Record Management Services

Record Management Services (abbreviated RMS) are procedures in the VMS, RSTS/E, RT-11 and high-end RSX-11 operating systems that programs may call to process files and records within files. VMS RMS is an integral part of the system software; its procedures run in executive mode. (RMS was not integrated into RT-11 and RSTS/E, but was available as a "layered product".)

RMS supports four record access methods:

  • Sequential Access
  • Relative Record Number Access
  • Record File Address Access
  • Indexed Access

RMS supports four record formats:

  • Fixed length
  • Variable length
  • Variable record length with fixed-length control blocks
  • Stream files (records separated by termination characters)
    • STREAM: Records terminated by CRLF
    • STREAM_CR: Records terminated by CR
    • STREAM_LF: Records terminated by LF

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