Dark Adapted Eye

Dark Adapted Eye is an album by Danielle Dax, a British experimental musician, formerly of The Lemon Kittens. Released in 1988 on Sire Records, it consisted mainly of material from previous albums released on her own label, Awesome Records, with the exception of Cat House, White Knuckle Ride, When I Was Young, Whistling for His Love, Touch Piggy's Eyes and House-Cat. All tracks were produced by Danielle Dax and co-written by David Knight.

Cover artwork by Holly Warburton

Track listing

  1. Cat House
  2. Big Hollow Man (previously on Inky Bloaters)
  3. White Knuckle Ride
  4. When I Was Young
  5. Yummer Yummer Man (previously on Inky Bloaters)
  6. Fizzing Human Bomb (previously on Inky Bloaters)
  7. Whistling for His Love
  8. Flashback (previously on Inky Bloaters)
  9. Inky Bloaters (previously on Inky Bloaters)
  10. Brimstone in a Barren Land (previously on Inky Bloaters)
  11. Bad Miss 'M' (previously on Inky Bloaters)
  12. Touch Piggy's Eyes
  13. House-Cat
  14. Bed Caves (previously on Pop-Eyes)
  15. Sleep Has No Property (previously on Inky Bloaters)
  16. Hammerheads (previously on Jesus Egg That Wept)
  17. Pariah (previously on Jesus Egg That Wept)
  18. Where the Flies Are (previously on Inky Bloaters)
  19. Funtime (previously on Inky Bloaters)

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