Switchback (comics)

Switchback is a fictional character, a mutant appearing in Marvel Comics. Created by writer Warren Ellis and artist Ken Lashley, she first appeared in X-Calibre #1 (March 1995).

Switchback initially appeared during the Age of Apocalypse, an event which caused the history of the Marvel Universe to diverge from its usual path. Although many Age of Apocalypse characters were alternate versions of existing heroes and villains, Switchback does not appear to have an Earth-616 counterpart.

Fictional character biography

Switchback first appeared as one of many refugees, escaping from Apocalypse's rule to Avalon. Her boyfriend Gary and her companions all die during the journey and Switchback is the only one to reach Avalon alive. When Avalon is attacked, she joins Nightcrawler, Mystique and Damask to form X-calibre, a group that fights the Shadow King to save Avalon. Switchback's powers to manipulate time are combined with Nightcrawler's teleportation and Damask's psionic skinning to defeat the Shadow King on the astral plane.

Powers and abilities

Switchback has the power to manipulate the last ten seconds of her personal timeline: she can replace herself with a younger version while retaining the memories of her older self. This time-shift is obvious to observers, as it also physically moves her body.

This ability has allowed her to escape telepathic possession by the Shadow King, by shifting herself through time as soon as he attempted to control her.

In X-Calibre's subsequent battle with the Shadow King, Switchback found another use for her powers, successfully combining them with Nightcrawler's teleportation. Pushing her abilities to the limit she can expand her time field to cover several people, extending the teleport transition-time and allowing them to act and attack while still in transit through subspace.

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