damages ones good name

My Good Name

My Good Name is a fourth season episode of the television series Law & Order: Criminal Intent.


In this episode, Detectives Goren and Eames investigate the murder of a hospital engineer and it soon becomes obvious the body has been moved.

At first, Goren and Eames take heat from Captain Deakins after the investigation connects them to a decorated former police officer who happens to have close ties to Deakins. The suspects start piling up, starting with the officer and leading to his controlling publicist, who has ambitious political plans for him. Nevertheless, Deakins is reluctant to go after his friend, who wields a a significant local influence, without a good, solid proof.

But even Deakins has his doubts about his close friend's image when the probe exposes his secret affair with the dead man's widow.


Vincent D'Onofrio Det. Robert Goren
Kathryn Erbe Det. Alexandra Eames
Jamey Sheridan Capt. James Deakins
Courtney B. Vance A.D.A. Ron Carver


  • This episode revealed some resemblances with the case of Bernie Kerik, a former law-enforcement officer of the City of New York under Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

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