dairy products

Indian dairy products

The dairy products, which have originated in India, are called indigenous dairy products or Indian dairy products. The products can be broadly classified in to khoa based and channa based. The importance of the dairy products were known to Indians since time immemorial or it could be roughly estimated to be around five thousand years ago and the development could be considered as an art.

Khoa Based Dairy Products

  • Khoa or Mawa,
  • Peda,
  • Burfi,
  • Gulab jamun

Channa Based Dairy Products

  • Channa,
  • Paneer,
  • Sandesh,
  • Rasagolla

Fermented Milk Products

  • Misti Dahi,
  • Shrikhand,
  • Wheyvit

==Other Milk Products==

  • Kulfi,
  • Gulab Jamun mix Powder,
  • Channa Kheer,
  • Channa Murki,
  • Pantooa,
  • Ghee,
  • Buttermilk


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