Cyme, ancient Greek city of W Asia Minor, on the Ionian Sea and N of the present Smyrna in W Asian Turkey. It was the largest and most important of the 12 cities of Aeolis. In the late 5th cent. B.C., Cyme struggled to be free of Persian domination but was only intermittently successful. Later it was a city of the Seleucids and ultimately of Rome.
Cyme or CYME can refer to:

  • Cyme, a kind of inflorescence (arrangement of flowers on a plant)
  • Kymi, ancient Cumae, a city in Euboea, Greece
  • Cyme or Kymi, ancient Greek colony on the coast of Aeolia, present-day Namurt in Turkey
  • Matane Airport in Quebec, Canada, ICAO code

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