cycloloma atriplicifolium


Cycloloma is a monotypic genus which contains the sole species Cycloloma atriplicifolium, which is known by the common names winged pigweed and tumble ringwing. This plant is native to central North America, but it is spreading and has been occasionally reported in far-flung areas from California to Maine to the Canadian prairie. It is considered an introduced species outside of central North America. This is a bushy annual herb forming a rounded pale green clump which may exceed half a meter in height. It is very intricately branched, with toothed leaves occurring near the base. The spreading stems bear widely-spaced flowers are small immature fruits fringed with a nearly transparent membranous wing. The fruit is a utricle about 2 millimeters long containing a single seed. The seeds were eaten as a food staple by Native American peoples including the Zuni and Hopi.

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