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Star Kid

Star Kid is a 1998 sci-fi/family film directed and written by Manny Coto.


The film is about a shy seventh grade boy (Spencer Griffith) whose life changes when a meteor falls into a junkyard near him. Inside this junkyard he finds a "Cybersuit" - an exo-suit with AI from another galaxy. Spencer decides to try the suit on and he becomes a different person. Then he is attacked by a Brood Warrior, whose insectoid race is in war against the creators of the Cybersuits, intend to capture the one on Earth to analyse it. In the end after a battle with the Brood Warrior, Spencer abandons Cy (the Cybersuit) and leaves because he's afraid. In the end after finding that Cy has been captured by the Brood Warrior, Spencer returns with the school bully Turbo (who was cowed after Spencer punched him) and engages in battle with the Warrior in the Junkyard. After a massive battle Cy is defeated and is severely damaged and he ejects Spencer before he loses power completely. Spencer and Turbo continue the fight without Cy and together manage to destroy the Brood Warrior but Cy apparently dies. Then some of Cy's creators show up and repair him and one of them gives Spencer a badge before he and the others leave with one of the aliens now piloting Cy. The next day Spencer has confindence and (with a little encouragment from Turbo as the two are now friends after the battle) approaches a girl that he likes and sits down to talk with her.


Video release

In the USA, Star Kid was released on VHS and DVD format in 1998. It was also released on VHS in the UK and is now available on DVD.


A prequel was released in comic book form, written by Manny Coto with art by John Stokes it was published by Dark Horse Comics.


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