Cutter, Charles Ammi, 1837-1903, American librarian, b. Boston. Cutter cataloged the library of the Harvard Divinity School and in 1860 was appointed as the assistant to the librarian of Harvard. As librarian of the Boston Athenæum (1868-93) he was a pioneer in subject cataloging. The Athenæum catalog (5 vol., 1874-82) served as a model for later dictionary catalogs. His Rules for a Dictionary Catalog (1875) was the first work of its kind. Cutter's system of classification, Expansive Classification (1891-93), used the alphabet instead of numbers; it was the basis of the Library of Congress classification. From 1893 until his death Cutter was librarian of the Forbes Library, Northampton, Mass.
cutter, small, one-masted sailing vessel, with a rig similar to that of a sloop except that it usually has a sliding bowsprit and a topmast. From 1800 to 1830 cutters were in service between England and France. They were also employed to pursue smugglers, their speed and easy handling fitting them admirably for the task. These revenue cutters were so well known that the name was applied to the revenue vessel even after steam had replaced sails, and vessels of the Coast Guard are still called cutters. The name is also used for a heavy rowboat carried on large ships.

(born 634/635, probably Northumbria, Eng.—died March 20, 687, islet of Inner Farne, or House, off Northumbria; feast day March 20) English saint. A shepherd, Cuthbert entered the Northumbrian monastery of Melrose in 651 after receiving a divine vision. When plague struck 10 years later, he aided the afflicted, reportedly performing miracles. In 664 he became prior of Lindisfarne, where he instituted a severe rule. In 676 he retired to Inner Farne, where he devoted himself to prayer. His efforts to protect birds made him one of the earliest wildlife conservationists.

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