Cutis verticis gyrata

Cutis verticis gyrata

Cutis verticis gyrata or CVG for short, is a superficial condition usually associated with thickening of the scalp. Sufferers show visible folds, ridges or creases on the surface of the top of the scalp. The number of folds can vary from 2 to roughly 10. The folds are typically soft and spongy cannot be corrected with pressure. The color of the skin is not affected.

The condition typically affects the central and rear regions of the scalp, but sometimes can involve the entire scalp.

Hair loss usually also occurs where the scalp thickens, though hair within any furrows remains normal.

Thus far, due to the (apparent) rarity of the condition, limited research exists and causes are as yet undetermined; It may be genetic, and if so, its mode of inheritance is uncertain.


CVG is classified according to the presence, or lack of, underlying cause. Many studies seem to show that CVG occurs in individuals in a secondary form to other ailments, though, it should be noted that the condition can also be present on its own.

The classifications are:

  • Primary
  • Primary essential
  • Primary non essential
  • Secondary

Primary CVG is where the cause of the condition in unknown.

Primary essential CVG has no other associated abnormalities.

Primary non essential CVG can be associated with neuropsychiatric disorders including cerebral palsy, epilepsy, seizures and ophthalmologic abnormalities, most commonly cataracts.

Secondary CVG occurs as a consequence of a number of diseases that produce changes in scalp structure. (These conditions include: Acromegaly (excessive growth hormone, due to pituitary gland tumour),Melanocytic naevi (moles), Birthmarks (including Connective tissue naevi, fibromas and naevus lipomatosus), Inflammatory processes (e.g., eczema, psoriasis, Darier disease, folliculitis, impetigo, atopic dermatitis, acne).


There is no cure for this condition and currently, medical treatment is limited to plastic surgery and excision of the folds.

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