CUTE-1.7 + APD
Organization Tokyo Institute of Technology
Mission Type Technology development
Satellite of Earth
Launch February 21, 2006 on a M-5 rocket
Launch site Uchinoura Space Center
Mission duration 0.2 years
Launch Mass 3 kg
Orbital elements
Apogee 712 km
Perigee 299 km
Inclination 98.19 degrees
Orbital Period 94.72 minutes
Right ascension of the ascending node
Argument of perigee
APD An avalanche photodiode for monitoring charged particles flux in low-Earth orbit

CUTE-1.7 + APD (Cubical Tokyo Tech Engineering satellite 1.7) or CO-56 (Cubesat-Oscar-56) is an amateur radio nanosatellite in the form of a double CubeSat. The satellite uses commercial off-the-shelf components extensively, in particular, using the Hitachi NPD-20JWL PDA as a control computer, and using a USB hub for sensor communications. At the end of its mission, the satellite will deploy an electrodynamic tether to help it deorbit.

On March 16, 2006, the communication system malfunctioned so that it is transmitting unmodulated carrier wave and unable to communicate.

The follow-on project, CUTE-1.7 + APD II, has a similar architecture. It launched on 28th April, 2008 along with nine other satellites aboard an Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle.


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