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Cut Above the Rest

Cut Above The Rest is an album by Sweet, released via Polydor Records in October 1979.

Track listing

  1. "Call Me" (Scott)
  2. "Play All Night" (Scott/Tucker/Priest)
  3. "Big Apple Waltz" (Priest/Scott)
  4. "Dorian Gray" (Scott/Tucker/Priest)
  5. "Discophony (Dis-Kof-O-Ne)" (Scott/Tucker/Priest/Moberley)
  6. "Eye Games" (Scott/Austin)
  7. "Mother Earth" (Scott/Priest)
  8. "Hold Me" (Scott)
  9. "Stay With Me" (Scott/Tucker/Priest)


  • Steve Priest - Lead Vocals on tracks 1, 3, 5 and 9. Co-lead Vocals on track 7. Bass Guitar. Backing Vocals.
  • Andy Scott - Lead Vocals on tracks 2 and 8. Co-lead Vocals on track 7. All Guitars and Synthesizers. Backing Vocals.
  • Mick Tucker - Lead Vocals on track 4 and 6. All Drums and percussions. Backing Vocals.

Guest Musicians

  • Geoff Westley - Pianos and Arrangements
  • Gary Moberley - Keyboards on tracks 1, 4 and 9
  • Eddie Hardin - ARP 2600 solo on track 5


  • Cut Above the Rest was the first album release by Sweet following the departure of their lead vocalist Brian Connolly. Connolly had begun recording this album with the band but his vocals were subsequently wiped, being replaced instead by vocals from bass player Steve Priest and guitarist Andy Scott.
  • Original out-takes featuring Connolly's vocals have been recovered of "Play All Night" and "Stay With Me" [a.k.a. "Log One/That Girl"] and were made available on the CD release, Platinum Rare.
  • Cut Above the Rest was released with two different sleeves, one for the USA/UK market and another [a wood carving of the three members faces] for Europe.
  • Some of the songs on this album, in particular, "Stay With Me," incorporate the distinct drumming style reminiscent of the late John Bonham of Led Zeppelin. On the same track Scott, sounding as if he is trying to not stray too far from the charisma of the late Brian Connolly, also has many characteristics of Robert Plant. With the exception of the vocal harmonies Zeppelin never relied upon, this could easily be as much a "classic" rock album as any of Led Zeppelin's later endeavors.
  • Other tracks, such as "Dorian Gray," use similar vocal and guitar harmonies as songs such as Queen's "Killer Queen." In fact, the song's lyrics sound like they describe the male counterpart to the Queen song.

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