Custom-made sign

Custom-made signage includes all kinds of signs that are built from scratch to suit a specific requirement presented by a client or a specific project. Custom made signage is not a part of a signage system and therefore it doesn’t consist of pre designed elementary catalogues units. Custom made signage along with modular signage and MCFT comprise 100% of the sign industry today.

Benefits of custom made signage

Unlimited design possibilities – Since custom-made signage is built from scratch, it offers limitless flexibility. Any unique signage configuration can be accomplished for the right price. Unique look - Custom-made signage, by definition, offers complete freedom with regards to the way it looks. Nothing is too extravagant for this type of signage.

Disadvantages of custom-made signage

High production cost – Custom-made signage is relatively expensive since it is built from scratch without the benefits of bulk production.

Slow production/assembly – This kind of signage requires relatively long production and assembly times since each project is unique and requires an innovative approach. Sometimes special tools or machinery are required for the assembly of the sign.

Low updatability – Updating custom-made signage is slow and requires a professional. Relatively slow supply time – Each signage solution requires unique resources that are not usually in stock, also, the disassembled sign is usually not space efficient so slower method of shipping are required.

Optimal uses for custom-made signage

Custom-made signage is best suited for high budget projects that require a unique configuration or design.

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