The Belles of St. Lemons

The Belles of St. Lemons was a comic strip in the UK comic The Beano, first appearing in issue 1495, dated 13 March 1971. The title was both a play on the nursery rhyme "Oranges and Lemons" and Ronald Searle's Belles of St. Trinians cartoons. St. Lemons was essentially the girls' boarding-school equivalent of The Bash Street Kids - the "belles" all conforming to comic stereotypes (the fat one, the unintelligent one, the leader etc.). The headmistress of the school was Miss Clump. The weekly strip ended around 1972, although further episodes continued to appear in The Beano Annuals. The Belles were:

  • Curli - The one who had hair curlers in her hair.
  • Dizzi - The ugly one.
  • Dozi - The sleepy one.
  • Dumpling - The fat one.
  • Kooki - The one who was fond of cooking.
  • Mina - Didn't speak much, but had a myna bird on her head that would do most of the talking for her.
  • Piggi - The one with lots of spots.
  • Poni - The one who had a pony.
  • Prune - The leader of the group.
  • Swotti - The clever one.
  • Blondie -The blonde one.
  • Suzie -

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