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Rob Cryston

Rob Cryston (born January 19, 1971, also known as Robbie Roberts, Roby Cryston, Rod Cryston) is an American pornographic actor who appeared in gay pornographic movies throughout the 1990s. In his early work, he was credited as "Robbie Roberts". He is best known for changing his look and style during his career: from smooth, lean, playful, bottom twink to hairy, muscular, top daddy. His trademarks include his curved 6.5-inch penis, dark tan line' small tattoo of Thumper from Bambi on his upper left chest, a snarl and curled upper lip when achieving orgasm, and a knack for dirty talk.

Cryston first gained attention in the industry as the villain in 1992's Single White Male. In 1994, he was awarded one of three "Best Performer" awards at the Adult Erotic Gay Video Awards. In 1996, he caused a small controversy by appearing in an infamous scene with Miguel Lopez in a gonzo pornography video. In the scene, Lopez was supposed to ejaculate onto Cryston's chest. Instead, when Lopez reached orgasm, Cryston moved his head forward and received Lopez's semen on his face and into his mouth. At the time, it was unheard of for a high-profile male star to perform in scenes with an oral climax due to AIDS precautions.

Cryston also appeared in videos for Can-Am and BG Enterprise, studios that produced wrestling-themed videos where losers of matches ended on the receiving end of anal intercourse. Cryston lost all of his matches in the videos.

It was reported that his reputation for being a "drama queen" in the industry (some claim this was started as a rumor by director Gino Colbert) prevented him from reaching superstar status. Still, he has developed a sizable fan following since his retirement in the late 1990s. He reportedly now resides in Florida with his lover and works in real estate.

Selected videography

  • The Bite
  • Ma
  • Rage
  • The Unchained
  • A Day in the Life of Aaron Austin
  • The Conflict: The Abduction Series Pt. 2

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