Cuquenan Falls

Cuquenan Falls (or Kukenan falls or similar) are the second tallest waterfalls in Venezuela, and arguably in the world, second only to Angel Falls also located in the same region. The falls drop in a single leap around 2000ft (670 m), and the final portion of the falls trickle down towards the base of the Kukenan Tepui,from where it plunges. Kukenan Tepui is located near Mount Roraima. which is the geographical marker of the border between Brazil, Venezuela, and Guyana. There is a lot of controversy regarding its world standing among the tallest waterfalls. It has been listed anywhere from 2nd to 20th among the tallest falls in the world. Such discrepancies might arise from the fact that most official measurements of the falls take into consideration only the free leaping portion, and not the bottom part that cascade along the tepui. Some published listings use the free falling measurements when arguing that its height is not enough for the top 10 tallest waterfalls. Regardless of the controversy, most would agree that Kukenan Falls are the second tallest single drop falls in world.

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