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Cuppy's Coffee

Cuppy's Coffee & More, Inc. is a privately owned specialty coffee franchise with approximately 375 open or soon to be opened stores in the United States, South Africa and Canada. The firm markets franchise opportunities on its website and describes a comprehensive, 9-day training program for its franchisees (5 days at its headquarters, 4 days onsite). The firm employed approximately 120 employees at its corporate headquarters in Fort Walton Beach, Florida before moving (as reported on 8/4/08 by blog to Muscle Shoals, AL in September, 2008.


Cuppy's specializes in Espresso based drinks such as the Latte and Americano. The coffee and espresso beverages at Cuppy's all use a custom blend of Caffé D’arte beans and feature flavorings from Ghirardelli and Monin. Cuppy's also features smoothies made with "100% real fruit". In addition to the coffee and smoothies, Cuppy's also offers a variety of products such as italian sodas, biscotti, chocolate covered espresso beans, pastries and sandwiches. In its late-2007 listing on, Cuppy's reports 37 franchise locations.

Drinks are served in 12oz, 16oz, and 20oz sizes and, unlike Starbucks, the drink sizes are referred to as small medium and large respectively. Customers can choose from the 3 sizes for all hot drinks and 2 sizes for the cold drinks and smoothies.


Cuppy's Coffee & More, Inc., a Texas corporation, was formed in July 2006. It is owned by Dale Nabors, who owns its parent company Medina Management, along with its sister company Elite Manufacturing. According to unhappyfranchisee .com, Cuppy's is a fraudulent business designed to scam investors out of their deposits.

Is (Was) Cuppy's Java Jo'z?

Cuppy's was formerly Java Jo'z. It has an application pending for the trademark "Cuppy's" and grants franchises using its proprietary system. It has several 'approved vendors'; however, they do not have any financial or legal connection to Cuppy's. Cuppy's and Java Jo'z do share street addresses in Fort Walton, FL.

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