Cults, Aberdeenshire

Cults is a suburb on the western edge of Aberdeen, Scotland. It lies on the banks of the River Dee and marks the eastern terminus of Royal Deeside.

Cults, known for its historic granite housing, sits approximately six miles from the coast of the North Sea. Cults maintains village status and enjoys a best of both luxury, with many of the societial structures found in a country village, despite its proximity to the west of the City of Aberdeen. The name is a corruption of Coilltean, a Scottish Gaelic word for "Woods".

Along with the adjoining village of Bieldside, Cults is known as an upscale area; it has been recognised as the second wealthiest area in Scotland in a recent survey. Cults was once home to Sir Alex Ferguson, who was the manager of Aberdeen F.C. at the time.

There are various green spaces in Cults, the largest of these being Allan Park, a public park situated near the golf club and the River Dee. The park is also home to the Cults Cricket Club.


Originally, Cults had two railway stations on the Royal Deeside Railway Line before the line was closed in the middle of the 20th century. The route has since been converted into a cycle path which leads to Duthie Park in Aberdeen in one direction and further into Deeside in the other, running alongside Cults' public park, Allan Park. Cults was also on a tram route between Aberdeen and Bieldside, operated by the Aberdeen Suburban Tramways Company until 1927. Today, public transport to Aberdeen takes the form of buses.


Cults is served by a variety of small shops, churches and hotel/eatery facilities, mostly situated in the village centre. Key places in Cults are the Kelly of Cults supermarket, a local family-run grocer and bakery which dates back over 100 years, the golf-themed Cults Hotel (alongside the Chip Inn takeaway), the Deeside Golf Club (shared with Bieldside) and the Inchgarth Reservoir. Cults is also home to the Cults Parish Church, which was formed by the merger of the Cults East and Cults West parishes, with the former's buildings now housing an outreach centre. Cults was also once home to the Stakis-owned Royal Darroch Hotel which exploded on an October morning in 1983 due to gas build up, killing 6 staff and guests. A few chain stores, such as Oddbins, Blockbuster and Subway operate in Cults, along with Clydesdale Bank and the Bank of Scotland.


There are four main schools in the village: the state-run Cults Primary School and Cults Academy (one of Scotland's top-performing secondary schools), and the independent Waldorf School. The village is also only a short drive from the International School of Aberdeen (ISA) in Milltimber and a complex of Waldorf/Steiner Camphill schools in Bieldside.

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