Foam (culinary)

Foam is a culinary technique invented by Spanish chef Ferran Adrià and consist of natural flavors (like fruit juices, savory essences) mixed with a gelling agent such as agar, and extruded through a whipped cream canister equipped with N2O cartridges. Foams have been described as "airy," with the flavor taking precedence over the substance it is suspended in.

The most famous food-foams are foamed espresso (Èspesso), foamed mushroom and foamed beet. An espuma or thermo whip is commonly used to make these foams.

The foam technique has been deployed by chefs around the planet; from notable Adrià disciples like Wylie Dufresne to anonymous hotel chefs.

In season 2 of Bravo's Top Chef, Marcel Vigneron was known for using foams in several challenges.

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