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Crum, West Virginia

Crum is a small, unincorporated community in southern Wayne County, West Virginia, United States. It is the home to Crum Elementary School and Crum Middle School. The approximate population of the town of Crum is 300.

In Crum proper, there is a U.S. Post Office (ZIP code 25669). There is a small country store called "Copley's Market". There you can get assorted groceries and feed for animals. There are two restaurants located in Crum: "Crum Pizza House" and "Nettie's Diner".

Crum is also the home of Silver Creek United Baptist Church (the 2nd oldest church in West Virginia), Crum Separate Baptist Church, Crum Church of Christ, and Crum Missionary Baptist. Many other small churches are located in nearby hollows and roads.

U.S. Route 52 runs directly through Crum as does the Norfolk Southern Railway's Kenova District. The town is bordered on the west by the Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River (also known locally as the Tug River). This river is part of the boundary between West Virginia and Kentucky. A mile section of the future King Coal Highway is built just east of Crum, with access from Silver Creek Rd.

Crum: The Novel

Written by former Crum resident, Lee Maynard, it is a fictionalized account of life in Crum, West Virginia in the 1950s. When it was released in 1988 the book stirred up hostility in the town as many Crum residents took offense to Lee's portrayal of Crum- despite the inclusion of a disclaimer at the beginning of the book explaining that the work is fictional except for the town name of "Crum". Still, Crum residents claim that characters and incidents in the book are clearly inspired by real life people and events. Considered a "cult classic" by some, original copies were selling for large amounts on eBay before the book was re-released in 2001 by West Virginia University Press.

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In 2006, Actor/Producer Ross Ballard and audiobooks produced an audio version of Maynard's classic to a receptive national audience.

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