Cruel, Crazy Beautiful World

Cruel, Crazy Beautiful World is a studio album from South African artist Johnny Clegg and his band Savuka.

Released in 1989 and produced by Hilton Rosenthal and Bobby Summerfield, it is today recognized as probably the band's greatest album, containing hits such Dela and Cruel, Crazy Beautiful Word. The song One (Hu)'Man One Vote was written in honor of David Webster, a friend of Johnny Clegg and anti-apartheid activist who had been assassinated three weeks earlier. Also, the lyrics of Warsaw 1943 were inspired from the works of Polish author Czesław Miłosz.

Eight years later, the song "Dela (I know why the dog howls at the moon)" was released on the soundtrack of Disney's George of the Jungle.

Track listing

  1. One (Hu)'Man One Vote
  2. Cruel, Crazy Beautiful World
  3. Jericho
  4. Dela (I know why the dog howls at the moon)
  5. Moliva
  6. It's An Illusion
  7. Bombs Away
  8. Woman Be My Country
  9. Rolling Ocean
  10. Warsaw 1943 (I never betrayed the revolution)
  11. Vezandlebe
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