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Knight Sabers

The Knight Sabers are the main protagonists of the anime series Bubblegum Crisis and its subsequent series, Bubblegum Crash and Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040.


The Knight Sabers are a superhero team of four young women. To enhance their natural abilities, they each wear a power armour suit. Each of them is a specialist in a different field. They were recruited by Sylia Stingray to battle the corrupt Genom corporation that dominates their home city of Megatokyo and which was responsible for her father's death.

In order to finance their activities, the Knight Sabers also accept paying jobs as bodyguards or mercenaries. Their main activity is fighting out-of-control boomers, half biological/half-mechanical robots built by Genom.

In their civilian guises, each character has a signature vehicle which is strongly associated with her.

In Tokyo 2040, their armours are reworked Boomers with the Cores removed and are modelled around Sylia. Any weapon or foe that affects Boomers, such as Galatea, also affects their armour. Tokyo 2040 also revealed that there was a previous team of Knight Sabers, personally led by Sylia, but they were killed in action.


Sylia Stingray

The team's leader, Sylia is a wealthy entrepreneur, financier of the team, and all-round combatant.

Priss Asagiri

A rock star and heavy assault specialist. In the original OAV she is the lead singer of the rock band "Priss and the Replicants." In Bubblegum Crash, she has spun off into a solo act and in the remake she is the lead singer of the rock band "Sekiria." Priss is a highly skilled, though highly reckless driver, and drives (and wrecks) numerous motorcycles during the series. She favours small, high-performance "crotch rocket" type bikes.

Nene Romanova

A member of the AD Police and computer specialist who serves as the team's electronic warfare specialist. Her combat skills are very poor in comparison with the others.

Linna Yamazaki

The viewpoint character of the show and a close-combat specialist. In the original Bubblegum Crisis she is a fitness instructor, in Bubblegum Crash she has changed her profession to financial analyst, and in the Tokyo 2040 series she is an office lady.

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