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Hiram Cronk

Hiram Cronk (April 29, 1800 - May 13, 1905) was the last surviving veteran of the War of 1812 at the time of his death.

Born in Frankfort, New York, Cronk enlisted with his father and two brothers on August 4, 1814. He served with the New York Volunteers in the defense of Sackett's Harbor, and was discharged November 16, 1814. For his service, he received a pension of $12 per month. In 1903, the United States Congress increased it to $25 per month. He also received a special pension of $72 per month from the State of New York.

Cronk spent most of his life working as a shoemaker. He married Mary Thornton in 1825, with whom he had seven children. At the time of his death he had fourteen grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

After he died in Ava, New York, his body was displayed in the main lobby of New York City Hall. An estimated 25,000 people paid their respects. He is buried in Cypress Hill Cemetery, Brooklyn NY.

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  • Film clip of the hearse procession for Hiram Cronk (including the carriage for NYC Mayor McClellan) on its way from Grand Central Station to New York City Hall, taken May 17, 1905.

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