The Ultimate Crime Fighter

The Ultimate Crime Fighter (Traditional Chinese: 通天幹探) is a TVB modern action series broadcasted in October 2007. The series is shown to celebrate TVB's 40th Anniversary.


Famous for his unparalleled kung-fu skills, Police Officer Yuen Fo-Sung (Yuen Biao) has cracked a large number of difficult cases, which makes him very popular within the police force. Despite the recognition he has achieved, Fo quits his job to become a monk. But later, as luck would have it, he gets back to Hong Kong again, where he experiences a series of mysterious, supernatural events…

With the assistance of Fo, Wai Jun-Lung (Moses Chan), an undercover police officer, manages to solve the most complicated cases. Fo believes that there is a special bond between him and Lung. Lung and his bosom friend Keung Nga-Yue (Yoyo Mung) have been very close to each other. Feeling so upset, Lung’s girlfriend Wong Chi-Ying (Gigi Lai) starts going out with her boss Chong Man-Hei (Kevin Cheng), which leads her to the point of no return…

To seek revenge, Lung has shown his complete disregard for law and order. He is ready to sacrifice himself and even Fo to reach his goal. Things are happening as Fo predicts. Will the long-running feud between them be eventually settled? Fate will decide…


Cast Role Description
Yuen Biao Yuen Fo-Sung
Wai Jun-Lung's teammate.
Wong Bo's friend.
Lam Chor-Yuk's lover.
Moses Chan Wai Jun-Lung (Johnlung)
C.I.D. Team Leader/Undercover Police
Wong Chi-Ying's ex-boyfriend.
Keung Nga-Yue's lover.
Gigi Lai Wong Chi-Ying
Doll Fashion Designer
Wong Bo's daughter.
Wai Jun-Lung's ex-girlfriend.
Yoyo Mung Keung Nga-Yue (Ginger)
Ex-Police/Beginner Lawyer
Wai Jun-Lung's lover.
Kevin Cheng Chong Man-Hei (Aaren)
Toy Company Manager
Wong Chi-Ying's admirer.
Maggie Siu Lam Chor-Yuk
Wong Bo's younger cousin.
Yuen Fo-Sung's lover.
Marco Ngai Sing Chi-Him (Hugo)
Keung Nga-Yue's ex-boyfriend.
Natalie Tong Ngai Si-Ka
Yuen Fo-Sung's daughter.
Bryan Leung Wong Bo
Noodle Restaurant Owner
Wong Chi-Ying's father.
Lam Chor-Yuk's older cousin.
Yuen Fo-Sung's friend.
Sam Chan To Wai-Keung (BT)
Matthew Ko Lai Ji-Kin
Fala Chen Ada Wai Jun-Lung's old classmate.


  • Yuen Fo-Sung (Yuen Biao), a police officer, was once a prominent policeman that left the HK Police force after an accidental shooting of a youth. Filled with guilt as well as his wife leaving him (taking their daughter away as well) he decided to train with the Shaolin monks to help put his mind at peace. After nearly 5 yrs of training, he is still haunted by his past actions and returned to HK only because his master and his Shaolin group decided to do a live TV performance. After an encounter with a mentally disturbed man in the show and his own internal conflicts, his master suggested he face what haunts him and live life. With the interference of Fo, Keung Nga-Yue (Yoyo Mung) & Wai Jun-Lung (Moses Chan), an undercover police officer, manages to solve a drug/cult/gang operation. After his aid in the case, he returned to the force as a cop. As the story progresses he would develop precognitive capabilities to allow him to see the future. He also realize that his visions have trouble being fixed. He eventually realized that even though he can see the future, he can't prevent it from ending as well. He realized that Lung would kill him and accepted his fate. While confronting Lung to that exact moment in time where he saw his own death, he actually didn't shoot Lung, but Hei's brother who was about to attack him. The wound was mortal and he died for several minutes, but after a vision with Buddha he returned to the living and was happy to know Lung repented his dark path.
  • Johnlung Wai Jun-Lung (Moses Chan) spent several years undercover as a Thai HK immigrant trying to make ends meet through servitude for the triads. Throughout his time there he had a frequent contacts and information that helped provide evidence to arrest the triads. As the first story arc investigates a cult and triads, he found out that both are related and with the interference of Yuen Fo-Sung and backup from Keung Nga-Yue, he helps arrest the triad gang leader and return to civilian and cop life. As the story progresses, he would develop a relationship with Wong Chi-Ying (Gigi Lai) however due to misunderstandings they would have an on/off relationship. Ultimately Ying would die at the hands of Chong Man-Hei and Lung would go on a vengeance quest to kill him. In between his despair, he got drunk and had a one night stand with Yue, leading to her pregnancy. Eventually he would kill Hei, but he said it was Hei's greedy brother that ended his life. Hei's brother knew it was really Lung that killed his brother and Lung tried to kill him to eliminate evidence. Hei's brother was caught by Lung and was about to kill him when Sung found him and try to convince him to repent. Hei's brother got up and tried to kill Lung in the back, Lung thought Sung was going to shoot him and so they exchanged fire. When he realized Sung shot Hei's brother and not him he realized he made a severe error. He had Sung taken to a hospital and himself arrested. He would end up jailed, but used that time to reflect on his errors through Buddhist texts. When he finally was released, he's a changed man and he only desire to be a good father to his baby son.
  • Ginger Keung Nga-Yue (Yoyo Mung) started out as a lead investigator and officer, but due to her job her family felt she wouldn't find any male suitors. She eventually left the force and decided to become a specialized lawyer. Although she was involved with a fellow lawyer, she developed feelings for Lung. Eventually when she couldn't stand her boyfriend's devious ways, she broke it off and started spending more time with Lung. After Lung lost Ying, she tried to be a supportive friend, but she wanted more from him. This led to her pregnancy and her quest to try to convince Lung to change his ways as she's well aware that Lung's quest on vengeance has led him to manipulate evidence and attempt to eliminate Hei's brother. After Lung was jailed, she waited for his return and after he was released they were one happy family.
  • Aaren Chong Man-Hei (Kevin Cheng) is a bisexual tycoon. His father is part of a famous toy production company and cared a great deal about family image. When Hei developed a homosexual relationship with a male friend, he kept it secret until he wanted to force his hand to come out. He killed his boyfriend and bury him over a secluded area in the hills. Only he knew about the secret and for several years he lived life quietly and started a relationship with Ying after she broke up with Lung. Ying became Hei's confidant, but eventually his mix of lies and truths became apparent and Ying warned Lung about Hei's suspicious past (without knowing he killed his boyfriend). Hei was angry that she suspected him and would tell off someone about their secrets and so Hei tried to kill Ying. They would put up a struggle until they both fell into the ocean and Hei tried to drown Ying. Because witnesses came, Hei used this excuse that he tried to commit suicide and that Ying tried to save him, but ended up injured herself. Lung didn't accept that as the truth, but because Ying is in a coma the truth would never come. Hei planned to kill her by transferring her to a private hospital where he's able to act without too many witnesses, but she died. It wasn't long that Lung discovered that a Thai man was taping the local area and had the very tape the clearly displayed Hei's murderous intent. Lung and Hei would eventually play a game of how much they can't hurt each other by making personal attacks on each other's families. Lung would deliver a disk of the actual murder to Hei's father, leading to a heart attack. Hei would distract Lung's nephew to look like he was kidnapped. Eventually Hei was kidnapped by his own brother who desperately needed money. After the drop was made though, his brother's friends wanted to kill Hei. Lung was part of the investigating group over Hei's apparent kidnap and Lung took the opportunity to kill Hei after he mocked him for unable the finish the job and that the heavens was so good to him. Hei's true death would eventually come into light after Lung turned his ways and confessed his crimes. Although Hei's true death was revealed, only his family missed him as everyone knows him as the disturbed killer that he is.

Viewership ratings

Week Episode Average Points Peaking Points References
October 8 - October 12, 2007 1 — 5
October 15 - October 19, 2007 6 — 10
October 22 - October 26, 2007 11 — 15
October 29 - November 1, 2007 16 — 19
November 5 - November 9, 2007 20 — 24
November 12 - November 16, 2007 25 — 29
November 20 - November 23, 2007 30 — 33
November 24, 2007 34


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