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PB&J Otter

PB&J Otter was an animated children's program which premiered on The Playhouse Disney on March 15, 1998. A total of 65 episodes were produced during the course of its three season run, with the "farewell" episode airing on September 24, 2000. The series centered on the Otter family who lived in the rural fishing community of Lake Hoohaw. Most stories revolved around the Otter kids: older brother Peanut, younger sister Jelly, and diapered baby Butter (named after the peanut butter and jelly sandwich), as well as their friends and neighbors. Supporting characters included gossipy Cranes, overly hygienic Raccoons, a junk-collecting Mayor, and some very wealthy Poodles.

The show was created by Jim Jinkins, and executive produced by David Campbell in close conjunction with Harvard University's Cognitive Skills Group, "Project Zero". The Group's job was to monitor each and make sure the material had a positive educational message. In that respect, PB&J Otter was one of the few shows of its kind on the air at that time.

As of now, PB&J Otter has been taken off the air completely in the USA, and there is no indication that it will return anytime soon. It continues to air on the Australian Disney Channel and the British Playhouse Disney channel.


  • Peanut Otter (is voiced by Myles Anderson) The brother of family. Eldest of otter children.
  • Baby Butter Otter (is voiced by Jade Chaston) The baby of the family.
  • Jelly Otter (is voiced by Jenell Brook Slack) The sister of the family.
  • Opal Otter (is voiced by Katy Stephens) - She is the wife of Ernest Otter and PB&J's mother. Opal is strict and caring. She has curly hair and wears thick glasses.
  • Ernest Otter (is voiced by Karl Woolley) - is PB&J's father and the husband of Opal Otter.
  • Anna ('Aunt Nanner') Otter – Opal's sister. Has an unspecified job in show business, and travels the world. She knows many famous people and seems quite well off (but not nearly as rich as the Snooties), but always has time for her family. Married to her boyfriend, Redolpho.
  • Pinch Raccoon (is voiced by Cody Pennes) A friend of PB&J.
  • Scootch Raccoon (is voiced by Cody Pennes)- Pinch's little rambunctious brother. He is very funny, kind and lovable to his friends and parents. He makes a lot of mistakes by accident, but he always apologize for what he's doing.
  • Munchy Beaver (is voiced by Dayle Hodge)- A beaver who has quite the appetite on wood. He gobbles rafts , ladders and everything that is made of wood. He is one of PB&J's friends.
  • Connie Crane (is voiced by Sarah Davison) Cap'n's wife.
  • Cap'n Crane (is voiced by Justin Flechter) - A 'watchbird' which he calls himself. His catchphrase is 'Watchbird Alert!'. He is Connie Crane's husband.
  • Flick Duck (is voiced by William Stokes)- A duck who is sometimes clumsy and rude. He is one of PB&J's friends.

Minor Characters

  • Wanda and Walter Raccoon Pinch and Scootch's parents. Wanda is the postraccoon for Lake Hoo-Haw, while Walter works as the area trash collector, requiring him to sleep most of the day as he gets up very early.
  • Shirley Duck (voiced by Corinne Orr) Flick's mother.
  • Bubbles: The Otters' pet fish.
  • Captain and Conny Crane The Captain is a self-styled "watchbird" who often points out meaningless happenings on Lake Hoo-Haw. Connie, his wife, would much rather take a nap.
  • Mr. Bigdog: Edouard's boss.
  • Measles: Munchy's frog.
  • Edouard Snootie: Father of Ootsie and Bootsie.
  • Georgina Snootie: Mother of Ootsie and Bootsie.
  • Billy Duck: Flick's older cousin. Billy looks scary, but he is kind.
  • Ricky Raccoon: Pinch's and Scootch's cousin. He is about Pinch's age. He is kind too.
  • Redolpho– Boyfriend (and now husband) of Annette Otter. Usually transports her to and from Lake Hoohaw.


Each episode was typically divided into two 11-minute stories. Some seasonal specials and the occasional double-length episode took up the entire half hour. There were no commercials.

Season 1: 1998

  1. Bye Bye, PB&J / Babbleberry Day (15 March 1998)
  2. The Treasure of Hoohaw Rock / A Sledding We Will Go (21 March 1998)
  3. Bagpipe Blues / You Can't Come In (22 March 1998)
  4. Go Away, Gorilla / Mama For a Day (28 March 1998)
  5. Born to Chirp / Mega Melon (29 March 1998)
  6. The Silent Treatment / Picture Perfect (4 April 1998)
  7. Invitation to the Snooties / Too Hot For Fishsicles 5 April (1998)
  8. Otter in the Water / All Popped Out (12 April 1998)
  9. Nothin' but the Tooth / Special Delivery (19 April 1998)
  10. Soap Box Derby Day / Howdy HooHaw Day (26 April 1998)
  11. Butter the Balloonatic / Gizmotronictron Raffle 3 May (1998)
  12. Dare Duck / Otters of the Wild (10 May 1998)
  13. Big Time Bass-Off Contest / The Sleeping Beagle (17 May 1998)

Season 2: 1999-2000

  1. Gotta Dance / Otter Pox (1 May 1999)
  2. The Dollhouse / The Telltale Candy Wrapper (2 May 1999)
  3. Eye Spy / Happy Harmony (16 May 1999)
  4. Strike Up the Band / World's Strongest Otter (6 June 1999)
  5. Come Back, Little Monster / The Big Sweep (13 June 1999)
  6. Butter Tags Along / Flick's Big Find (27 June 1999)
  7. Tub O' Butter / El Dorado, Seat of Gold (18 July 1999)
  8. Mayor Flick / The Greatest Sleepover Ever (18 July 1999)
  9. Save Oaky Oak Tree / The Duck Who Cried Wolf (18 July 1999)
  10. Poor Bubbles / Poodle Power (18 July 1999)
  11. Forgive Me Not / These Shoes Are Made For Walking (22 August 1999)
  12. Mama Peanut / Bye-Bye Bubbles (29 August 1999)
  13. Practice Makes Perfect / Three's A Crowd (30 August 1999)
  14. Lost and Found / Sherlock Otter (18 September 1999)
  15. I'll Be Your Best Friend / Otterly Alone (25 September 1999)
  16. Lemon-itis / Duckbird Alert (26 September 1999)
  17. Follow Your Nose (23 November 1999)
  18. The Ice Moose (6 December 1999)
  19. Baby Butter's Bankie / Three Super Otters (19 December 1999)
  20. Butter's First Check-Up / The Legend of Ponce de L'Otter (1 January 2000)
  21. Gotcha! / The Mysterious Mirror (2 January 2000)
  22. A Tree Grows in Hoohaw / Flick's Big Fakeout (22 January 2000)
  23. This Little Light of Mine / Look Ma, No Hands (30 January 2000)
  24. Chez Otter / Hooray For Peanut (4 February 2000)
  25. The Great Water Race / Be Nice to Beavers (6 February 2000)
  26. Kid Court / A Frog Named Measles (1 April 2000)

Season 3: 2000

  1. No Hand, No Feet, No Wings / Let's Help Dad (26 March 2000)
  2. The Funky Band / The Singin' Kid (2 April 2000)
  3. The Johnny Pompalope Story / The Soapbox Boat Race (9 April 2000)
  4. Aunt Nanner's Special Place / Munchy's Sinking Feeling (16 April 2000)
  5. The Mystery Crate / It's a Bird, It's a Plane...It's an Elephant? (23 April 2000)
  6. Whistling Up The Wrong Munchy / Billy the Duck (30 April 2000)
  7. Opal's Magic Mud Party / Leave it to Munchy (13 May 2000)
  8. Peanut Overboard / Come Back, Mama (14 May 2000)
  9. Hoohaw is Where the Heart is / Everything in its Place (21 May 2000)
  10. On the Right Track / Itchy Situation (28 May 2000)
  11. The Big Surprise / Bazania Mania (4 June 2000)
  12. Sergeant Gravel to the Rescue / Sleepyhead (11 June 2000)
  13. Watchbird Alert / Flick's Hat Trick (18 June 2000)
  14. A Very Surprising Party / Easy Pickings (25 June 2000)
  15. Collector's Edition / Trading Places (2 July 2000)
  16. Munchy's No Big Deal / Bubbles' Beginnings (9 July 2000)
  17. Soccer Surprise / Baking Blues (16 July 2000)
  18. Thanks for the Giggle Melon (23 July 2000)
  19. Hope Castle (30 July 2000)
  20. Where Oh Where, is Flick? / Win, Win, Winner (6 August 2000)
  21. Easy as Pie / Pinky Pledge (20 August 2000)
  22. Peanut Cries 'Uncle' / Nanner Says, 'I Do' (25 August 2000)
  23. Big Beaver Day / The Thing That Almost Ate Hoohaw (27 August 2000)
  24. Ducking Out On Valentine's Day / Opal And The New Otter (3 September 2000)
  25. Bye Bye Lake Hoohaw (24 September 2000)
  26. A Hoowah Halloween- a previously unaired Halloween's special(15 October 2000)

The "Lost" Direct-to-Video Movie?

Shortly after the show went out of production, it was reported that a direct-to-video PB&J Otter movie was in the works. The report was substantiated when it was discovered that a veteran Sesame Street / Muppets writer named Joey Mazzarino was attached to the project. Unfortunately, the movie, which was to have been titled "PB&J Otter and the Legend of Snaildarter" never made it past the scripting stage.

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