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I Cried for You (Katie Melua song)

"I Cried for You" is a song by Georgian born songstress Katie Melua, and was the second single from her second album, Piece by Piece. The single is a double A-side consisting of "I Cried for You", which is one of Melua's own compositions, and a cover of The Cure's song "Just like Heaven", the latter of which was the theme song of the film Just like Heaven. "I Cried for You" is about Jesus and Mary Magdalene.


The "I Cried for You" music video takes place in a room similar to a salon/dressing room, except it is surrounded by darkness and is desolate apart from a man in a chair and a woman, whose face is unseen throughout. When the music begins, the man lip synchs to Melua's voice, and the woman begins to perform incisions in his skin and take, piece by piece, parts of his face away, revealing Melua. The man continues to sing, unperturbed until his mouth and neck are removed (at which point his hands grip the chair handles tightly), and he stops singing and Melua's lips are singing underneath. Melua's entire face is eventually revealed, her hair loosened, and the pieces of the man's face are disposed of in a bin.

Then, after a short part in which Melua sings and can move her head again, the woman performs similar incisions and begins to remove Melua's face, revealing the man underneath her again. Again, she sings unperturbed until the mouth and neck are removed (the man's hands grip the chair again). When the entire face is removed, the man seems relieved. Instead of him taking over the song as the mouth is removed, Melua's lips continue to sing the song and her eye continues to blink until the very end, when the pieces of her face are put in the bin.

Track listings

  1. "I Cried for You" (Katie Melua)
  2. "Just like Heaven" (Simon Gallup, Robert Smith)
  3. "Pictures on a Video Screen" (Mike Batt)



  • Producers: Mike Batt
  • Engineer: Steve Sale
  • Arranger: Mike Batt


I Cried For You chart only
Chart (2005/2006) Peak Position
Netherlands Singles Chart 29
UK Singles Chart 35

Double a-side chart for I Cried For You/Just Like Heaven

Chart (2005/2006) Peak Position
Belgium Singles Chart 50
Ireland Singles Chart 45
UK Singles Chart 42

Chart for Just Like Heaven

Chart (2006) Peak Position
U.S. Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks 40

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