Harpegnathos venator

Harpegnathos venator is a species of ant found in South and Southeast Asia. It is found in northern India and parts of Burma.


The followings is a taxonomic description of the ant from C. T. Bingham's Fauna of British India (Hymenoptera, Volume 2):

  • worker: Black ; mandibles, clypeus, antennal carinae and legs brownish yellow, antennae castaneous, apex of the abdomen ferruginous ; head and thorax closely coarsely cribrate punctate ; abdomen finely densely reticulate punctate, opaque, with some large shallow punctures. Head, thorax and abdomen covered with rather sparse, short, erect pale hairs ; pubescence minute but fairly plentiful, to be seen only in certain lights. For the rest the characters of the genus.
  • queen: Similar to the , but the abdomen with long oblong punctures, the ocelli in the middle of the front. Thorax and abdomen more massive and as in D. saltator.
  • male: Mandibles broad at the base, attenuate, narrow and slender towards the apex, which is directed forwards. Head rectangular, somewhat rounded, broader than long. Eyes rather smaller than in the queen. A short depression between the mesonotum and scutellum, bordered by carinae and strongly striate inside. Smooth

and shining, save the thorax, which is coarsely rugose, punctate or striate (longitudinally on the metanotum). Covered by a fine yellowish pilosity, dense on the legs, less abundant elsewhere. Pubescence very sparse. The 1st abdominal segment is pyriform and has the appearance of forming a 2nd node to the pedicel, a slight constriction between the 2nd and 3rd segments. Thorax and pedicel of a brownish black, head and basal segment of the abdomen reddish yellow. Best of the abdomen yellow with a tinge of red. Legs and antenna) very pale testaceous.


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