Erica Peterson's Flaming Crib Death is a tape by Ween released in 1987. It features tracks previously released on Ween's other 2 tapes, and it also features new tracks. Hardly anything else is known about this album.

Track listing

  1. "Go"
  2. "Oik"
  3. "Nippy Wiffle"
  4. "Fat Albert"
  5. "I Drink A lot"
  6. "Boognish"
  7. "Refrigerator" (also known as "The Refrigerator That Wouldn't Close)
  8. "Duke of Denim"
  9. "Ingrown Mayo"
  10. "Boob"
  11. "Jelly"
  12. "Yolk"
  13. "Ana"
  14. "Disco Inferno"
  15. "Stress Tabs"
  16. "Shnagenhausen" (also known as "Dody")
  17. "We Seen Ween Bean"

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