[kri-shen-doh, -sen-doh; It. kre-shen-daw]
Crescendo, in musical notation, refers to a passage of music during which the volume gradually increases.

It also may mean:

In music

  • A Liverpool based electronic pop band
  • Crescendo International, a network of Christian classical music professionals and students
  • Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue, one of Duke Ellington's longer-form compositions
  • Insanity's Crescendo, a song by Dark Tranquillity
  • The Crescendos, an early rock and roll group
  • A lyric in "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson

In film

In computing

  • Crescendo, ERP System created by Ignacio Vizcaino Tapia,
  • Crescendo Communications was a computer networking company that was acquired by Cisco in the 1990s.
  • Crescendo Networks is a company which develops and sells application acceleration devices for data centers
  • Crescendo (visual novel), a bishōjo game by the studio Digital Objet.
  • Crescendo Systems Corporation is a Canadian company that develops and sells digital dictation, speech recognition and document management software for the healthcare and legal sectors.
  • Crescendo is a hentai game.

In languages other than English

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