creeping bugle


The word bugle may refer to:

  • Bugle (instrument), a horn in the "natural" brass musical instrument family
  • Bugle (plant), an often cultivated plant of the family Lamiaceae
  • The sound that an elk makes during the "rut" or mating season
  • A tubular glass or plastic bead sewn onto clothing for decoration
  • Bugle, Cornwall, a village in Cornwall
  • BuGLe, a software tool for debugging applications which use OpenGL
  • Bugles, a corn chip snack
  • The Bugle (newspaper) or Bugle-American, a former underground newspaper in Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin.
  • The Daily Bugle, a fictitious newspaper in the Marvel Comics universe
  • The Bugle, a satiric podcast hosted by John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman
  • Bugler (tobacco), a brand of tobacco

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