creep dive


Dive and similar may refer to:


In music

In other uses

  • Taking a dive, intentionally throwing a fight in boxing
  • Dive bomber, a bomber aircraft that dives directly at its targets in order to provide greater accuracy
  • Dive bar, a cheap dingy drinking establishment
  • A Flying junction on a railway where one line crossed beneath another is called a dive-under


In aquatics

  • Diving, the sport of jumping into a body of water or pool
  • Underwater diving, the practice of swimming underwater
  • Scuba diving, the practice of swimming underwater with a breathing apparatus

In sports

Other uses

  • "Diving", 2002 single by trance group 4 Strings
  • Net Diving, internet slang for heavy web browsing, often to obtain specific information
  • Ghost Diving, a fictional term in Ghost in the Shell where someone digitally infiltrates another person's brain via technology

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