A creature is a living organism. The term is derived from a widespread historical belief in creationism. The word is generally used to refer to non-human animals but does include humans, and it is also sometimes used to mean monster.

Other uses for creature include:

  • Legendary creature
  • Creature of statute, an organization, such as a corporation, created by statute or treated by statute in some respects as if it were a person separate from its members or owners



  • CREATURE, An independent hip hop Artist from NYC and co-founder of FIRE YOUR BOSS
  • Creature, a Canadian band
  • Creature, an album by Canadian alternative rock band Moist
  • Creatures (album), an album by American rock band Elf Power
  • The Creatures, a side project of Siouxsie & the Banshees
  • Creature is the pseudonym of a guitarist in the undercore band Deadsy
  • Creatures (For A While) is a song by the band 311
  • Creature, a song by the metalcore band Atreyu

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