crazy bone

Crazy Bones

Gogos are small figurines that became a popular fad during the 1990s and 2000s.

Gogos were inspired by a game played in Ancient Greece called astragals, where children played with sheep's knucklebones. This ancient pastime is also known as Tabas. Crazy Bones is a modern version of this game, played with characters moulded from plastic. There are hundreds of individual characters, each character had a unique face and name. The different shapes of the figures cause them to bounce in different patterns, making some crazy bones more advantageous to own.

Crazy Bones were banned in many schools, because of being the start of many playground arguments and being a distraction during class.

During the mid 1990s, Cola Cola of Mexico released a similar brand of toys named "Hielocos".

In early 2008, new Gogos Crazy Bones were launched in the UK. There are 80 different types of Gogo to collect as well as stickers. The rarest Gogos are the "special surprise" versions, which are multi-coloured as opposed to the plainer, standard colour versions. Standard Gogos come in one of five different colours and there are five additional Gogos in the "special surprise" colours.


- a Gogo is thrown on a table. The player receives score depending on which way the Gogo lands and is standing on the table:

On its "face", facing down: 0 points. On its "back", facing up: 1 point. On its side: 2 points. On its feet, standing up: 5 points. On its head, standing up: 10 points.

Usually 1-5 rounds (one throw/player, usually at the same time) are played in a match, counting either the score (adding up each round) or the number of rounds won (less mathematical method). The winner is thus the person who wins the most of the rounds or the one with a higher score. The rules of the match will usually be briefly discussed beforehand, in order to avoid conflicts emerging between players.

Because of specific modelling, some Gogos tend to prefer almost always ending up facing down (0 points) and thus scoring with them is harder than with others. This is why players sometimes compete on who gets the lowest score. (Worst score wins)

There are also Gogos that prefer to land on their side, giving them a very good average score/match. Some Gogos cannot stand on their heads, which is a disadvantage if a high score-throw is needed in order to beat the opponent's score.

Usually the loser of a match will have to give one Gogo to the winner. Sometimes it's the Gogo that he was playing with, but usually any Gogo will do. Thus players can earn a lot of Gogos just by winning a lot of matches and using different strategies.

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