List of Malcolm in the Middle episodes

The following is an episode list for the FOX television series Malcolm in the Middle. The show ran for seven seasons from 2000 to 2006.

During its six-and-a-half year run in seven seasons, there were 151 episodes of Malcolm in the Middle produced.

Season 1: 2000

Title Original Airdate Production # Episode #
"Pilot" January 9, 2000 101 1
Malcolm is transferred into the accelerated learning class.
"Red Dress" January 16, 2000 102 2
It's Lois and Hal's anniversary and Lois finds her red dress for the evening destroyed. She tortures the boys into confessing. Hal ends up eating alone.
"Home Alone 4" January 23, 2000 103 3
While Hal and Lois are away for the weekend, Francis is left with the boys.
"Shame" February 6, 2000 104 4
Malcolm beats up an annoying bully. But when he finds out that the annoying kid was 7, he feels very guilty. He makes up for it by running in a charity race which he loses after falling at the start of the race. Hal cuts down a tree in their yard, and the neighbors become angry.
"Malcolm Babysits" February 13, 2000 105 5
After the family has to live in a trailer in their yard while their house is being fumigated,

February 20, 2000 106 6
Malcolm stays overnight at Stevie's house and has to suffer from parental monitoring.
"Francis Escapes" February 27, 2000 107 7
Francis goes AWOL from military school for his crush. Malcolm accidentally tells Lois.
"Krelboyne Picnic" March 12, 2000 108 8
Malcolm's class demonstrates their abilities at a picnic.
"Lois vs. Evil" March 19, 2000 109 9
Lois gets fired after Dewey steals a $150 bottle of cognac from the store. Francis is honor-guard at a beauty pageant.
"Stock Car Races" April 2, 2000 110 10
Hal takes the boys to see stock-car races on a school day. While she's looking for her paycheck, Lois cleans the house and finds enough evidence to ground the boys for life. Francis sneaks a snake into the academy.
"Funeral" April 9, 2000 111 11
Malcolm tries to avoid going to Lois' aunt's funeral.
"Cheerleader" April 16, 2000 112 12
Reese joins the cheerleading squad to impress a girl he's interested in.
"Rollerskates" April 30, 2000 113 13
Hal has his own methods for teaching Malcolm to rollerskate. Lois hurts her back, is forced to rest in bed, and refuses to take medication so as to stop Reese and Dewey from misbehaving. Francis tries to get out of a survival trip with the other cadets by faking a hurt back, but gets caught by them later when he's shooting around the academy on a chair with a fire extinguisher.
"The Bots and the Bees" May 7, 2000 114 14
With Lois visiting Francis at military school, Hal helps the Krelboynes make a robot.
"Smunday" May 14, 2000 115 15
The boys stay home on Monday when Lois is so sick she thinks it is Sunday. Hal considers buying a Porsche. The boys get a letter from Francis' academy saying he drove a tractor into a pool, which they inadvertently let Lois find. In order to save Francis from a doomed life, they put all of the family's treasured keepsakes in a cart, cover it in paint, and roll it off the roof just as Hal is driven home in a Porsche he threw up in. Suffice to say, after ruining the keepsakes and sports car, they have little worries about Francis' fate.
"Water Park" (1) May 21, 2000 116 16
The family goes to a water park while Dewey stays home with an elderly babysitter (Bea Arthur).

Season 2: 2000-2001

Title Original Airdate Production # Episode #
"Traffic Jam" (2) November 5, 2000 201 17
After being banned from the Water Park, the family gets stuck in a traffic jam. Francis bets fellow cadets that he can eat 100 candy quacks. Dewey looks for a way home.
"Halloween Approximately" November 8, 2000 202 18
Francis visits for Halloween and helps the boys pull a prank. Hal and Lois combat a joyrider.
"Lois's Birthday" November 12, 2000 203 19
The boys mess up Lois's birthday by buying her a couple cheap presents and spending most of $30 on candy.
"Dinner Out" November 15, 2000 204 20
The family goes to dinner with the Kenarbans.
"Casino" November 19, 2000 205 21
The family vacations at a casino, and Hal, Malcolm, and Reese wander into an Army artillery range after being kicked out for counting cards at a blackjack game.
"Convention" November 22, 2000 206 22
Hal and Lois wreak havoc out of town, while the boys are almost angelic with their sexy baby-sitter (Melody Perkins).
"Robbery" November 26, 2000 207 23
Hal brings home a package for Hal and Lois' anniversary (a wardrobe full of bats). Lois and Craig get caught in a robbery at the Lucky Aide.
"Therapy" November 29, 2000 208 24
Malcolm ditches Medieval week with the Krelboynes by faking a breakdown and spending time with the school psychologist until Reese gets wind of it and copies his tactics. Dewey excels at table skittles. Lois attempts to clean out a packed closet. Francis takes over the academy laundry room.
"High School Play" December 10, 2000 209 25
Malcolm gets a role in a high school play and becomes obsessed with gossip. Caroline Miller gives birth in the school parking lot when the Krelboynes' model rocket launch goes awry.
"The Bully" December 17, 2000 210 26
After being beaten by a girl in a wrestling match, Reese relinquishes his bullying image, which is bad news for Malcolm. The kids that he called names at get to have their way with him. Francis tries to avoid his birthday in the academy because his cadets will shave his hair off on his birthday.
"Old Mrs. Old" January 7, 2001 211 27
Malcolm must help an old woman (Florence Stanley) in the neighborhood with whatever she wants of him, and he ends up driving her car. Francis' boyhood friend Ritchie is sent to the same military academy.
"Krelboyne Girl" January 14, 2001 212 28
Malcolm meets the new girl Cynthia (Tania Raymonde), who starts to have a crush on him.
"New Neighbors" January 21, 2001 213 29
Annoying neighbors move next door. Hal bonds with the father, while the other members get off to the wrong start.
"Hal Quits" February 4, 2001 214 30
Hal goes through a mid-life crisis and quits his job. Francis is forced to work at the Lucky Aide during Spring Break.
"The Grandparents" February 11, 2001 215 31
Lois' parents visit. Victor (Robert Loggia) talks to Reese, while Ida (Cloris Leachman) annoys Malcolm. Hal buys a new refrigerator.
"Traffic Ticket" February 18, 2001 216 32
Lois is given a ticket that she's sure she doesn't deserve, even though videotape evidence shows she's wrong.
"Surgery" February 25, 2001 217 33
Malcolm is sent to the hospital for the wrong reasons while the rest of the family plays March and Conquer. Francis and his cadets go on a hunger strike because Spangler took away their television.
"Reese Cooks" March 4, 2001 218 34
Reese is taken to a cooking class as punishment, and quickly finds that he excels at it. He excels at it so much that he taints a woman's quiche during a cooking contest.
"Tutoring Reese" March 11, 2001 219 35
Lois makes Malcolm tutor Reese to get Reese's grades up. Malcolm helps Reese study and eventually cheat, but the teacher sabotages Reese's efforts. Francis lives on his own to avoid roofing the house.
"Bowling" April 1, 2001 220 36
Sliding Doors-style interwoven stories following a trip to the bowling alley with Lois or Hal. Won an Emmy.
"Malcolm vs. Reese" April 22, 2001 221 37
Malcolm and Reese battle for Francis' tickets to a wrestling event. Dewey cares for Craig's cat, which runs away. Lois accidentally burns down Craig's apartment, and Craig moves in with the family.
"Mini-Bike" April 29, 2001 222 38
Craig drives the family insane while living with them. The boys buy and repair a mini bike, which Reese promptly crashes.
"Carnival" May 6, 2001 223 39
Reese, Malcolm and Dewey plot to hitchhike with Stevie to the County fair.
"Evacuation" May 13, 2001 224 40
Hal and Dewey leave a couch on the railroad tracks, and the town ends up being evacuated after a train containing toxic waste derails. Meanwhile, Lois grounds Malcolm for coming home two hours late.
"Flashback" May 20, 2001 225 41
Lois and Hal look back at the previous children's births during a pregnancy scare.

Season 3: 2001-2002

Title Original Airdate Production # Episode #
"Houseboat" (1) November 11, 2001 301 42
Malcolm's family and the Kenarbans spend vacation together on a houseboat.
"Emancipation" (2) November 14, 2001 302 43
Francis gets emancipated, while Malcolm deals with a new teacher (Chris Eigeman).
"Book Club" November 18, 2001 303 44
Lois attempts to escape the boys' nightly misbehavior by joining a women's book club, but she soon realizes that the night is merely an excuse for the women to socialize. Lois then finds herself and the other ladies on a crusade against one of their fellow PTA moms who seems to handle her children and all other motherly duties with ease. Meanwhile, Hal struggles to keep the boys in order and away from the illegal fireworks hidden in the backyard.
"Malcolm's Girlfriend" November 28, 2001 304 45
After getting a girlfriend, Malcolm begins to neglect his family and friends. Dewey gets a new friend, but can't help but use his new friend's wealth for his own needs.
"Charity" December 2, 2001 305 46
When Lois forces the boys into community service to build character, they choose to work at a church charity. After a series of events, they go from trading their own stuff to stealing the merchandise and creating a black market. Francis finally reaches his destination in Alaska.
"Health Scare" December 9, 2001 306 47
Anxiety over Hal's health makes Lois crankier and more contentious; Francis has a showdown with combative Lavernia.
"Chrismas" December 16, 2001 307 48
Lois issues an ultimatum - the boys behave or Christmas is canceled. Francis must spend Christmas with Grandma Ida.
"Poker" January 6, 2002 308 49
Hal gets competitive with Abe in poker; Lois gets carried away with her dance lessons; Francis is trapped in an Alaskan blizzard.
"Reese's Job" January 20, 2002 309 50
Reese gets a job at a fast-food joint; the newest Krelboyne rivals Malcolm's intellect; Hal and Lois try to sabotage Dewey's attempts to get a new dog.
"Lois's Makeover" January 27, 2002 310 51
At Lucky Aide, secret shoppers make their performance reviews. Lois finds out that she performs poorly in appearances and is forced to dress up her appearance. Hal is re-energized after beating the boys at basketball; a rat infestation gives Francis a new job.
"Company Picnic (1)" February 3, 2002 311 52
The family attends Hal's family picnic. Hal tries to avoid his new boss because of his bleak history of first impressions and Malcolm sees an old crush.
"Company Picnic (2)" February 3, 2002 312 53
The conclusion to the first part of the episode. Reese & his scavenger hunt partner wreak havoc, Hal confronts his boss and Malcolm gets himself into a very awkward position.
"Reese Drives" February 10, 2002 313 54
Reese gets a learner's permit and promptly commandeers a driving-school vehicle.
"Cynthia's Back " February 17, 2002 314 55
Cynthia returns from Europe and Malcolm discovers that she has a more 'developed' figure.
"Hal's Birthday" March 3, 2002 315 56
A birthday surprise - Francis comes home on Hal's birthday with his new wife - Piama (Emy Coligado).
"Hal Coaches" March 10, 2002 316 57
Hal decides to coach Dewey's soccer team and turns the team into a team of monsters.
"Dewey's Dog" April 7, 2002 317 58
Dewey finds a dog and uses him to his advantage - to gain the upper hand over Malcolm and Reese. On their anniversary, Hal and Lois try to make the best of it, with nothing that could ruin it except the flu.
"Poker #2"" April 21, 2002 318 59
Hal & Abe, along with their friends, play extremely well in poker; Malcolm, Stevie, and Reese are forced to spend the night with 2 popular girls (Dana Davis and Lindsey Haun); Reese plays matchmaker as he tells the girls that Stevie has a terminal illness; Malcolm discovers one of the girls has an automatic handgun, and tries to hide it from her, with unintentional results.
"Clip Show" April 28, 2002 319 60
The boys recall their antics [by way of cold openers] with a psychiatrist (Andy Richter).
"Juty Duty" May 1, 2002 320 61
Lois goes to jury duty. Malcolm & Reese see Kitty naked over the weekend and can't help bragging about it while they, along with Dewey and Stevie, spend the day exploring a sewer. Hal and Abe think that the case Lois is on is the Reyes case, and spend the day proving their own theories on who's the guilty party. Francis and the other guys are trapped in an ice fishing shed with a bear outside.
"Cliques" May 5, 2002 321 62
The Krelboynes are forced to join the general school population.
"Monkey" May 12, 2002 322 63
After knocking out a burglar, Reese turns to law enforcement. A capuchin monkey gives Craig a tough time back at home. Francis is fired because there are no more trees to cut down.

Season 4: 2002-2003

Title Original Airdate Production # Episode #
"Zoo" November 3, 2002 401 64
Malcolm is depressed, and the family goes to the zoo. Reese battles a goat, while Malcolm & Dewey end up in a tiger pit. Francis meets Otto & Gretchen and takes a job at their dude ranch. Lois' ex-boyfriend (Tim DeKay) puts a tarantula on Hal.
"Humiliation" November 10, 2002 402 65
Malcolm's first day of high school gets off to a bad start being embarrassed by his mom in front of the entire school, but Cynthia manages to save his new reputation.
"Family Reunion" November 17, 2002 403 66
The family goes to Hal's family reunion, where his family makes Lois miserable. Christopher Lloyd guest stars as Hal's father.
"'Stupid Girl" November 24, 2002 404 67
Malcolm becomes stupid so he can date a cute, but dumb, girl. Hal rents a roller compactor.
"Forwards Backwards" December 1, 2002 405 68
Malcolm's birthday is soon, but the boys can't stop battling. This episode uses the flashback element to tell us where the battle really began. Francis and Otto encounter an evil cow.
"Forbiden Girlfriend" December 15, 2002 406 69
While Malcolm begins dating a girl named Nikki (Reagan Dale Neis) whose father hates him, Dewey discovers he's an 'evil twin' and Francis mediates a dispute between Otto and his cowboy neighbors.
"Malcolm Holds His Tongue" January 5, 2003 407 70
Malcolm decides to keep his opinions to himself. Meanwhile, Reese goes on a date with his girlfriend... and Craig. Hal tries race-walking.
"Boys at Ranch" January 12, 2003 408 71
The boys & Hal visit the ranch. Francis shocks the boys by being mature, while Otto & Hal get drunk and stranded in the desert.
"Grandma Sues" February 2, 2003 409 72
After slipping on a leaf, Ida sues Malcolm's family. Lois discovers that she is pregnant.
"If Boys Were Girls" February 9, 2003 410 73
Lois imagines what life would be like if her sons were daughters...and 'Mallory', 'Renee', 'Daisy' and 'Frances' are even worse than her boys!
"Long Drive" March 2, 2003 411 74
Reese ends up in prison for a day. Lois drives Malcolm with her and tells him everything about sex. Dewey causes a feud in Hal's six-man band. Francis accidentally blows up Otto's favorite cow.
"Kicked Out" March 9, 2003 412 75
Malcolm is kicked out of the house.
"Stereo Store" March 16, 2003 413 76
Hal gets a second job at "U-Buy It". Meanwhile, a girl from Malcolm's school named Jessica (Hayden Panettiere) babysits Malcolm, Reese, and Dewey. This marks Bryan Cranston's Malcolm directorial debut.
"Hal's Friend" March 30, 2003 414 77
Hal meets up with a friend (Joel Murray), who turns out to be the same type of guy he was when they last met. They tear down part of the bedroom wall, making Hal's crappy house... even crappier.
"Garage Sale" April 6, 2003 415 78
Lois comes back home. After her visit with Susan, who blabbed about how Lois was hopeless, Lois thinks that Reese should have a little more credit. When Malcolm suggests a garage sale to gain money to fix the bedroom wall, Lois lets Reese take the wheel. As bad as Reese's salesmanship is, Lois still has faith in him. Malcolm finds a $1300 Altair 8800 computer which Reese says is trash. Dewey, sick of being pushed around by Reese during the garage sale, with Lois ignoring him, decides to retaliate by selling everything in the house. Meanwhile, Hal finds his old transmitter, and continues his pirate radio station he did back in college under the pseodonym Kid Charlemagne. This results in Hal being chased by the FCC trying to shut him down.
"Academic Octathlon" April 13, 2003 416 79
Herkabe forces Malcolm to join the academic octathlon team. When Herkabe decides for them to cheat, Malcolm chooses to make everyone pay.
"Clip Show #2" April 20, 2003 417 80
While doing the will, Hal and Lois recall the trouble the boys got into.
"Reese's Party" April 27, 2003 418 81
Lois & Hal are out of the house and Reese decides to throw a party. All is fine, until a gang of hoodlums turn the party into a meth operation.
"Future Malcolm" May 4, 2003 419 82
Malcolm meets a genius, depressed, miserable man (Jason Alexander) in the park playing chess. All of the signs in this episode point to the man being Malcolm's possible future.
"Baby (1)" May 11, 2003 420 83
The boys & Hal go to a bridal shower. Ida makes an unwelcome visit, and right near the end of the episode, Lois goes into labor.
"Baby (2)" May 18, 2003 421 84
Hal keeps having delusional dreams at the hospital while Lois is in labor. The boys take parenting classes to become better brothers to their next sibling.
"Day Care" May 18, 2003 422 85
A church-run day care center accepts Lois' wailing newborn but in return Reese and Dewey must attend Bible-study classes.

Season 5: 2003-2004

Title Original Airdate Production # Episode #
"Vegas" November 2, 2003 501 86
Francis neglects his work. The family travels to Las Vegas. Reese and Dewey show an obese rabbit at a competition. Hal has a prophetic dream of winning at a slot machine. Lois goes backstage with her favorite singer (David Cassidy).
"Watching the Baby" November 9, 2003 502 87
Hot, popular girls want to be seen with Reese, Malcolm and Stevie as revenge on their boyfriends. One of them "wants" to kiss Reese. However, they have to stay home to take care of Jamie. Dewey, stuck at home with Jamie, tells him an elaborate story in which their parents are secretly wealthy, and have a hidden "secret good house" in their closet. Hal wants to buy diapers for Jamie but can't pay for them, so he has to work for Craig at the Lucky Aide. He and the other employees end up starting a revolution to overthrow Craig.
"Goodbye Kitty" November 16, 2003 503 88
Stevie finds out his Mother Kitty has divorced his dad & became a porn star. Lois' high school diary falls into Reese's backpack; Reese reads it and becomes infatuated with the original owner. Dewey wishes to regress into wanting to be a baby again.
"Thanksgiving" November 23, 2003 504 89
Reese displays monomania and culinary genius while making Thanksgiving dinner. Francis and Piama get into a fight and nearly divorce until Lois steps in. Malcolm goes out to a party, where he spends half the time trying to figure out if a girl (Alessandra Toreson) is flirting with him. They get drunk and almost have sex, Malcolm runs home and tells Francis that he is a coward, until Francis gives him some good advice.
"Malcolm Films Reese" November 30, 2003 505 90
Malcolm films Reese for a school psychology assignment, he later finds out that his teacher had planned it to turn his classmates against him. Dewey works as a street performer behing Lois and Hal's back, but he might be left off the hook when they are in some financial difficulties.
"Malcolm's Job" December 7, 2003 506 91
Reese and Malcolm get jobs. Malcolm catches Lois smoking at work. Hal takes a class to spend more time with Jamie. Dewey wants brothering from Francis.
"Chrismas Trees" December 14, 2003 507 92
Hal, Reese, Malcolm, and Dewey go into business selling Christmas trees. Craig is bitten by a squirrel. Otto's family visits the ranch.
"Block Party" January 4, 2004 508 93
The family come back early from their yearly vacation to find that their neighbors have been holding an annual block party to celebrate their absence.
"Dirty Magazine" January 11, 2004 509 94
Malcolm is a part of the school newsletter team. When a student appears with a brilliant story, Malcolm decides to publish it despite the graphic and adult nature it displays, leaving Principal Block (Kurtwood Smith) to cancel all extracurricular activities rather than "turning their high school into an adult bookstore".
"Hot Tub" January 25, 2004 510 95
Hal buys a hot tub. Malcolm gets his learner's permit while Reese steals Dewey's new friend Noah. Gretchen's former fiance who is also Otto's best friend comes to the ranch.
"Ida's Boyfriend" February 8, 2004 511 96
Ida plans to drug a Chinese man (James Hong) into marrying her and take all of his money. Malcolm gets his tongue pierced, while Dewey pretends that Reese is non-existent (making Reese worried) after Reese smashes Dewey's model ship.
"Softball" February 15, 2004 512 97
Malcolm unwillingly joins the Lucky Aide softball team.
"Lois's Sister" February 22, 2004 513 98
Lois's sister (Laurie Metcalf) visits and Lois learns she needs a new kidney.
"Malcolm Dates a Family" March 14, 2004 514 99
Lois boycotts Luigi's (the family's favorite restaurant), while Malcolm dates an intellectual family's daughter (Sara Paxton), and gets involved with the family in the process.
"Reese's Apartment" March 21, 2004 515 100
Reese moves out after the parents get upset over something we might never know (although it was big and it involved cats and evacuation).
"Malcolm Visits College" March 28, 2004 516 101
Malcolm looks forward to visiting college, but it becomes a nightmare when Lois comes along and they meet the dorm head, Leland. Dewey steals items around the house to drive Hal nuts and to build a piano. Reese pretends to be a drug dealer to go out with the school's narc.
"Polly in the Middle" April 25, 2004 517 102
Polly the babysitter (Julie Hagerty) is caught in a love triangle between Abe & Craig after Lois and Hal unknowingly set them up on dates.
"Dewey's Special Class" May 2, 2004 518 103
Dewey, after deliberately failing rather than excel on an IQ test and be in a similar class as Malcolm, is sent to a special class due to Malcolm's advice.
"Experiment" May 2, 2004 519 104
Stevie & Malcolm try to figure out how Reese managed to separate two bases. Dewey sells chocolate bars by fibbing.
"Victor's Other Family" May 9, 2004 520 105
Lois, Reese, and Malcolm go to Canada to meet Victor's secret family. Dewey dreads Hal running with him since bad things always happen before such events between the two. Betty White guest stars as Victor's other wife.
"Reese Joins the Army (1)" May 16, 2004 521 106
Reese runs away. Hal's company goes under à la Enron.
"Reese Joins the Army (2)" May 23, 2004 522 107
The company uses Hal as a scapegoat, while Reese becomes a top-class soldier and makes his way with his squad into Afghanistan.

Season 6: 2004-2005

Title Original Airdate Production # Episode #
"Reese Comes Home" (3) November 7, 2004 601 108
Reese ditches the army in Afghanistan.
"Buseys Run Away" November 14, 2004 602 109
After learning that Dewey will be leaving their class, the Buseys run away and hide in masses and force Dewey to assist them in pursuit. Unemployed Hal becomes the leader of a group of dimwitted body builders.
"Standee" November 21, 2004 603 110
Hal dumps a cat habitat with the garbage and inadvertently picks a fight with the local garbagemen. Meanwhile, Lois holds a grudge on Malcolm for not helping her standup against a racist supermarket cardboard cutout.
"Pearl Harbor" December 5, 2004 604 111
Hal goes into war with his neighbor for the Decor crown. Hal strikes with Pearl Harbor day, but the neighbor fights back, so Hal tries to ruin it. Jessica insinuates herself into Malcolm's household and convinces Malcolm and Reese that the other's gay.
"Kitty's Back" December 12, 2004 605 112
Kitty (Merrin Dungey) returns after having done "everything" imaginable and wants to return to her family to Lois' dismay.
"Hal's Christmas Gift" December 19, 2004 606 113
The family's broke and the boys are dispirited but Hal is determined to come through with a surprise.
"Hal Sleepwalks" January 16, 2005 607 114
Hal, after remembering previous anniversary blunders while trying to make the 20th a good one, starts to sleepwalk, and Reese takes advantage. Malcolm takes up playing the guitar. He performs a tune for his family, which Dewey figures out it's sung to the tune of the Meow Mix jingle.
"Lois Battles Jamie" January 23, 2005 608 115
Jamie battles Lois with devilish wiles that weaken her will to make the child behave. The other boys discover a diving board and Reese goes crazy trying to think of the perfect thing to do with it.
"Malcolm's Car" January 30, 2005 609 116
Malcolm has his ups and downs with a used Plymouth Barracuda.
"Billboard" February 13, 2005 610 117
A questionable billboard is put up. Malcolm, Reese and Dewey try to vandalize it, but after being caught by Lois, Malcolm turns it into a women's rights protest to keep them out of trouble.
"Dewey's Opera" February 20, 2005 611 118
After being moved to tears by watching an opera, Dewey tries to make one of his own based on the life of his family (in his fantasy his family members start to sing when fighting).
"Living Will" March 6, 2005 612 119
A neighbor gives Hal power of attorney and he is forced to choose whether to pull the plug on his neighbor, meaning life or death from a coma, à la Terri Schiavo. Craig feuds with his father.
"Tiki Lounge" March 13, 2005 613 120
When Hal and Lois discover that they barely have any time to talk to each other, Hal forces the boys to build a tiki lounge in the garage. Malcolm is forced to join the school Booster club.
"Ida loses a Leg" March 20, 2005 614 121
An accident makes Ida one-legged. Dewey wants to make a memorial out of the leg.
"Chad's Sleepover" March 27, 2005 615 122
Dewey's friend, Chad (Cameron Monaghan), visits, and shows that he is an "organized" person. Hal has an issue of a sleazy picture he took of a naked Lois.
"No Motorcycles" April 3, 2005 616 123
Francis asks Hal to complete a promise he made to him as a child, but it has to be done behind Lois' back.
"Butterflies" April 10, 2005 617 124
Reese raises caterpillars. Malcolm works the graveyard shift with Lois and discovers a man (Dan Butler) living at the Lucky Aide.
"Ida's Dance" April 17, 2005 618 125
Lois & Ida have to prepare for traditional festivities.
"Motivational Speaker" April 24, 2005 619 126
Hal handles a motivational seminar.
"Stilts" May 1, 2005 620 127
Lois forces Malcolm to hand out flyers on stilts at the Lucky Aide, replacing "Uncle Sam."
"Buseys takes a Hostage" May 8, 2005 621 128
The Buseys, without Dewey, hold their teacher hostage.
"Mrs. Tri-County" May 15, 2005 622 129
The boys place Lois in the "Mrs. Tri-County Beauty Pageant".

Season 7: 2005-2006

Title Original Airdate Production # Episode #
"Burning Man" September 30, 2005 701 130
Malcolm and Reese attempt to hitch their way to the annual Burning Man festival but are caught by Hal and Lois. But after hearing Malcolm's explanation of the festival, Hal borrows his boss's RV and the expedition is turned into a family vacation. While there, Lois and Reese get zoned on the events, Hal tries to keep his distance, and Malcolm becomes attracted to a spiritual healer (Rosanna Arquette). Dewey does all the chores.
"Health Insurance (Malcom in the Middle)" October 7, 2005 702 131
Hal finds out that the family has been without health insurance for six months and finds out it can be returned on business day Monday, leaving the weekend without insurance. Hal goes into overdrive to make the house safe and tries to prevent any accidents from happening. Also, at the Lucky Aide, a snitch is in the employees' midst.
"Reese vs Stevie" October 21, 2005 703 132
An angry Reese threatens Stevie, who dreads a retaliation; Dewey gets hooked on cigarettes thanks to ex-smoker Hal's many stashes around the house.
"Halloween" October 28, 2005 704 133
Malcolm learns that in the past a brutal murder was committed in their home. Hal gets scared to death and won't sleep. Dewey and Reese take Jamie trick-or-treating, but eventually lose him. Lois is tied up at the Lucky Aide with a shoplifter.
"Jessica Stays Over" November 4, 2005 705 134
Jessica moves in on a temporary basis and teaches Malcolm manipulation skills he comes to regret. Reese attempts to mail himself to China in a crate to get revenge on his Chinese penpal for "Invading Pearl Harbor".Also Hal is harassed by a Bee.
"Secret Girlfriend" November 11, 2005 706 135
Malcolm's in love with a hot and secretly brainy teen named Vicki (Sarah Wright) who fears ruining her image by seeing him publicly. Reese is kicked out of the house for refusing to get a job.
"Blackout" November 18, 2005 707 136
A power outage disrupts Lois and Hal's anniversary and reveals Malcolm's trysts with young European women.
"Army Body" December 2, 2005 708 137
Reese's old army buddy, Abby (Larisa Oleynik) visits and she has feelings for Lois.
"Malcolm Defends Reese" December 16, 2005 709 138
Malcolm and Reese end up in the same class since Reese failed the previous year. A happy Mr. Herkabe does everything he can to humiliate Reese until Malcolm loses his grip on the highest GPA average record in the school which Herkabe wants to keep.
"Malcolm's Money" January 6, 2006 710 139
Malcolm begins to fuss about his high school yearbook photo. Malcolm receives a $10,000 education reward and when Hal and Lois find out, they want to spend it on themselves.
"Bride of Ida" January 13, 2006 711 140
Dewey, Lois and Hal go out of town to a piano competition; and without Lois around, Grandma Ida makes Reese get married to Ida's helper, Raduca (Rheagan Wallace), but only if he defeats Malcolm in three challenges. When Lois, Dewey and Hal return, they find out that Reese has run with Raduca to Las Vegas to get hitched, much to Ida's dismay.
"College Reunites" January 29, 2006 712 141
A broke Francis gets talked into getting a real job by Dewey. Back home, Hal takes over the college recruiters, which Malcolm refuses to meet with, and treats each one as a suitor. However, Hal's plans are ruined when Malcolm chooses to go to Harvard. Reese and Raduca's marriage ends when Lois and Reese catch Raduca cheating with her other lover, Bela.
"Mono" February 12, 2006 713 142
Lois discovers she has mono after a visit to the doctor. She then ends up giving it to Malcolm after her maternal instincts begin. As a result, both Lois and Malcolm are forced to spend two weeks together in the same room. Hal, meanwhile, is invited to all of his neighbors' parties after they know Lois will not be attending any of them. Dewey makes Jamie his slave.
"Hal Grieves" February 19, 2006 714 143
Hal gets a devastating phone call that his father has died, but because he never knew his father well he doesn't shed a tear. In an attempt to overcompensate with his kids, Hal takes the boys shopping, lets them miss school and offers to buy Malcolm a new car until Lois steps in. Hal's buddy Abe thinks that a phone call from a cast member of Star Trek: The Original Series will cheer him up.
"A.A." March 5, 2006 715 144
Lois and Hal visit Francis to help him celebrate one year of sobriety, but when they attend his A.A. meeting they find out that Lois was the one who drove him to drink. Meanwhile, Dewey finds the spare key to Hal's car, but when Malcolm and Reese refuse to drive him to the arcade, it takes them more than 12 steps to find it.
"Lois Strikes Back" March 19, 2006 716 145
When four popular high school girls play an evil prank on Reese by pretending he has a secret admirer and then dropping a pig off at his front door, Lois comes to his rescue. She plots her revenge on the four unsuspecting girls and wreaks havoc on their adolescent lives. Meanwhile, Hal realizes Lois is at a dangerous emotional place so he decides to get some distance and stumbles upon the idea for making his own pitching machine out of stuff in the garage.
"Hal's Dentist" March 26, 2006 717 146
Hal's friend Trey tells him to come to his dental office when he loses a tooth during a poker game, but their friendship goes into jeopardy when Hal's faced with a $2,000 bill and causes a fight between them. Reese, meanwhile, teaches Lois how to ride a bike, while Malcolm and Dewey find sleeping as their new favorite pastime after finding a new mattress.
"Bomb Shelter" April 2, 2006 718 147
Malcolm joins a local dance class to impress a girl, but when she loses her footing, he realizes that to win the competition he'll need a partner who can step it up. Dick, a rival student in the class who takes dancing a bit too seriously, challenges Malcolm to a dance-off. Meanwhile, Reese and Dewey discover an underground bachelor pad/bomb shelter in the backyard and lock Hal in it.
"Stevie in the Hospital" April 9, 2006 719 148
When Stevie goes to the hospital, Malcolm tries making up every excuse he can think of to not go because he can't face the truth about his illness. Meanwhile, back home, Hal gets highly competitive about his new remote control boat, while Lois thinks she's going insane.
"Cattle Court" April 16, 2006 720 149
Reese meets a cute vegetarian named Carrie (Tara Lipinski) when he goes back to work at the meat plant. At first, he goes along with her politics talk, but she catches him with a pork chop. So, to get Carrie back, he sets free all the cows at the meat plant. Malcolm, meanwhile, tries to fool Lois in order to attend a rock concert.
"Morp" April 23, 2006 721 150
For the senior prom, Reese gets paid to take Janine, a studious girl in class, but only after she gives him a makeover and sends him to finishing school, while Malcolm aligns with the unpopular kids to form an anti-prom they call "Morp." Unfortunately, while Malcolm and his friends protest the official dance, they don't know how to make their "Morp" exciting. Meanwhile, Dewey discovers there aren't any childhood pictures of him, so he concocts an elaborate scavenger hunt to punish Hal and Lois.
"Graduation" May 14, 2006 722 151
In the series finale, Malcolm struggles with his speech as Valedictorian of his graduating class. Reese attempts to become a high school janitor permanently. Francis finds a 9-5 job he actually enjoys. Hal has problems with Malcolm's Harvard tuition. The family says goodbye, as Malcolm leaves for college. 3 months later Lois becomes pregnant again.

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