Cox, Kenyon

Cox, Kenyon

Cox, Kenyon, 1856-1919, American painter, draftsman, and art critic, b. Warren, Ohio. He studied in Cincinnati, at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and with Carolus-Duran and Gérôme in Paris. He worked in New York City, where he became an influential teacher at the Art Students League and the National Academy of Design. His portraits, figure pieces, and murals are academic in style. He painted murals for the Library of Congress, the state capitols of Iowa and Minnesota, and the public library of Winona, Minn. His portrait of Saint-Gaudens is in the Metropolitan Museum. Cox's writings on art include Old Masters and New (1905), The Classic Point of View (1911), and Concerning Painting (1917).

See his letters, ed. by H. W. Morgan (1986).

Cox as surname may mean:

  • Joseph Buford Cox, American inventor
  • Josephine Cox, English author
  • Joshua Cox, American actor
  • Julianna Cox, fictional character from Homicide: Life on the Street
  • Julie Cox, Scottish actress
  • Kathy Cox may be one of several people, including:
  • Kenyon Cox, American artist
  • Kristen Cox, American politician
  • Kyoko Chan Cox, daughter of Anthony Cox and Yoko Ono
  • Lee Cox, Australian writer
  • Lionel Cox, Australian track cyclist
  • Lynne Cox, swimmer
  • Margaret Cox, Irish politician
  • Mark Cox, British tennis player
  • Mia Cox, American singer-songwriter
  • Michael Cox, Palmarian Archbishop
  • Michael J. Cox, American pharmacist and biographer
  • Mike Cox, American politician
  • Nathan Cox, music video director
  • Nicholas Cox American soccer star/ part time excentric millionare
  • Nikki Cox, American actress
  • Oscar Cox, promoter of soccer in Brazil
  • Palmer Cox, Canadian inventor
  • Pamela Cox, British author
  • Pat Cox, former president of the European Parliament
  • Percy Zachariah Cox, British diplomat
  • Dr. Perry Cox, a fictional character on the TV series Scrubs
  • Peter Cox, of Go West
  • Reg Cox, fictional character in East Enders soap opera
  • Renée Cox, American artist and photographer
  • Richard Cox, several people including
  • Robert Henry Cox, political scientist and professor
  • Robert O. Cox, American mayor
  • Robert W. Cox, Canadian international relations academic
  • Ron Cox, American driver
  • Ronny Cox, American actor
  • Rory Cox, British businessman
  • Samuel Cox, English Nonconformist minister
  • Samuel Hanson Cox, American Presbyterian theologian
  • Samuel S. Cox, American Congressman and diplomat
  • Sandy Cox, American politician
  • Sara Cox, British presenter for the BBC
  • Stephen Cox, New Zealand cyclist
  • Steve Cox, American baseball player
  • Terry Cox, folk rock drummer
  • Tiequon Cox, American murderer
  • Tom Cox, British politician
  • Tony Cox, American actor
  • Tricia Nixon Cox, wife of Edward F. Cox and daughter of Richard Nixon
  • Wally Cox, American actor
  • Wendell Cox, public policy consultant
  • William Cox or Bill Cox may be several people, including
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