Covetous Creature

Covetous Creature is a remix EP by Jack Off Jill released in 1998.

Track listing

  1. American Made (tweaker remix Chris Vrenna)
  2. My Cat (meow mix)
  3. Poor Impulse (no control mix)
  4. Girlscout (Sunday mix - Susan Wallace of Switchblade Symphony with Enemies)
  5. Cumdumpster (delusional cannibal mix Agent Moulder)
  6. My Cat (automatic speed mix- Shai De La Luna of Lords of Acid)
  7. Poor Impulse Control (750 degrees of separation mix Morphic Field)

Extra tracks (found at the end of track 7):

  • American Made (extra metal Tweaker mix)
  • Covet (The Clarice Starling mix)(Put The Lotion In The Basket by Jessicka & Howard Melnick)


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